Saturday, 7 May 2016

'Maybe you aren't getting bad customer service, maybe you are just a bad customer'

This isn't the type of post I write often, and hopefully won't have to post often. 
It isn't positive, in fact it's going to be very ranty so warning in advance ha.
It is something I have toyed with writing about for a while now but avoided, however today for me was the final straw and I thought I HAVE to write a post about this.

So I work in retail part time along side studying at University, I'm not going to divulge where exactly I work but it is a popular, large and busy (veeeeryy busy) store.
Working in retail can be pretty stressful at times and I have my moments of moaning about little things that come along with the job role like most people do in most jobs, it's kind of natural.
However I do absolutely love where I work!
I work with some of the best people ever, we are like a family and everybody in the whole store supports each other and looks out for one another, it really is an amazing environment to work in.
Not only this but I love the company I work for, they treat their employees incredibly well and it is the best place I have worked at so far.
After working in retail since I turned 16 and I am now 21, it has been just over 5 years of working with various different companies and hands down the company I work for now are so ahead of the game.

Some days I have moments when I'd really rather not be working, moments I'm sure almost everyone has sometimes, but I come in, I get on with it and I work my butt off to keep up the high standard of customer service my store and the company demand.
I genuinely enjoy interacting with both my colleagues and customers and for the most part customers are friendly and appreciate the effort we put into our customer service.
However recently I have been noticing a growing trend of people coming into our store and completely disrespecting our staff.
Maybe it is the increase in sunshine that turns some people into aggressive animals but either way I have had enough.
Yes you may just think, you work in a shop it's not hard. You may think we are lazy. Getting paid to gossip in he corner and shop for ourselves whilst pretending to work.
What you don't know is we spend most of our day tidying up after customers, trying to maintain a tidy store so that it is easier and more pleasant for you to shop in.
Sometimes we are stuck behind the till for hours on end under bright and really hot lights, on our feet for 8 hours at a time, all whilst making sure each and every customer has the best experience they can and help who we can.

Sometimes if it's been a really busy day and the store is a mess, we may have to stay later to finish tidying, sometimes we have rails upon rails of clothes that need to go out, and sometimes we might think we have almost finished all of the jobs needing to be done to find someone has dumped a load of clothes on the floor in the fitting room that we now need to sort.
Yes its annoying, yes it would be easier if this didn't happen but we know this is our job and we get on with it.
Sometimes we are tired, sometimes we are stressed from University work that is piling up, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we have to miss a weekend at a family gathering or friends birthday, but we come into work and we get on with it. We put on a happy face and grin and bare it.
So when we are completely disrespected as a human being it makes me question what is the point?

So I will get to the point... Today it was a busy Saturday and I was on the fitting room.
I work on the Mens floor and it is our policy, as is the same in most retail shops that the Mens fitting room is for the Men to use and the Women the Womens. There is some flexibility for this and we are accommodating to anyone that is currently going through transition, anyone who is non binary etc but the general rule is set. I'm pretty sure this is just common knowledge right?
We only have 4 changing rooms on the Mens floor so it is pretty reasonable that we should keep it to only men trying on in there because the Womens floor has around 25 changing rooms so they kind of getting the better deal in that sense.
Today I was doing my job as usual, making conversation with any customers waiting to try on and ensuring everyone had everything they needed.
We usually get a few women coming up to see if they can try on in the Mens fitting room to try and bypass the usually long queue on Ladies wear (it may be long but it does go down very fast as there are so many changing rooms)
Whenever this happens I am always really polite and apologetic explaining they will have to go downstairs to try on but I always reassure them the queue really does go down quickly.
Inevitably we all get a few women that get pissed off about this, presumably because they thought they were being really clever sneaking upstairs to use the Mens fitting room, but for the most part people make their way downstairs with little fuss.
Today was something else...

Over the space of an hour in the fitting room I was called a slut, told to fuck off, called unreasonable and had various other insults  thrown at me along with argumentative discussions on their part about why they couldn't try on there....all because I let them know they would have to try on downstairs.
If I said anything of the such to a customer I would be fired on the spot, so why is it any different for a customer saying this to an employee? We are people and believe it or not have feelings just like everyone else.
The reaction I was getting was as if I had just killed a puppy in front of them or something, not told them to hop on the escalator and queue downstairs just as they were doing up here.
All we are doing is our job, we do not make up the rules, we simply perform our jobs to the best of our ability and when you begin to attack us for doing this, I really start to question some people and their reasoning?!
You wouldn't think it reasonable for someone to ask a police office to just 'let it slide' if they caught someone stealing something, or it okay for someone to ask the bank to just slip an extra £1000 in their account as a nice gesture.
Although we may 'only work in a shop' expecting us to go against the rules we have been told to uphold by our management and company just because you cant be bothered to wait in a queue for 5 minutes is just as ridiculous as the above.
I could get into a lot of trouble if I start disobeying the rules of my store, but you think I'm just a slut who should let you go in because you are obviously much more important than the hundreds of other customers in here. Self entitlement to it's fullest here ladies and gentlemen.

In what world are we living in now that you think it completely justifiable to call somebody a slut, tell them to fuck off or whatever nasty comment you want to fling at a worker over trying on some clothes.
How do you think you would feel if you were in my shoes? If you saw someone act the way you are acting towards someone you care about say your mother, sister, daughter, father whoever?!
I am not doing this to annoy you, to make your day harder or because I'm stubborn.
This is my job, I'm doing my job and I do not be deserved to be treated like that. Nobody does.
I don't believe you are a bad person, I'm sure you are normally really caring, a great friend, donate money to charity, whatever. But attacking anyone in the way I experienced today is just not okay.

It isn't only me that has experienced this. Countless people I work with have similar stories to tell. Aggressive customers getting irate and threatening because we cant return the item they want to bring back because the receipt is 6 months out of date, or that we have to ask them to leave because it is already 15 minutes past the time we were meant to have closed.
We are people, we deserve to be respected just as much as everyone else and you would be horrified if you witnessed that happen to a loved one.
Yes most days we have at least one slightly difficult customer but we usually just grin and bare it, we let it go over our head and carry on doing our job. But this is overstepping that line.
I get that some customer service experiences have a lot to be desired, but even so this does not make it acceptable to verbally attack someone, especially when it is all over a couple of t shirts and a pair of shoes. First world problems much.

I saw a comment the other day on an article about jobs in customer services and the guy writing it wrote something that really stuck with me.
'Maybe you aren't getting bad customer service, maybe you are just a bad customer'
I will always try my up-most best to be as helpful and polite as possible to ALL customers I meet, but when someone thinks it is okay to call someone a slut who is simply doing their job and trying to help, then maybe the customer isn't always right.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Beauty Haul!

Hey thereeee!

 I recently went on a little shopping spree for some beauty items that I had been wanting to buy for a while but had just been putting off spending any more money than I need to. Being a student in Brighton means most of the money you earn (including student loan) goes almost entirely on rent (it is so god damn expensive down south) paying bills, buying groceries and paying for travel. I hate to think how much money I have spent on trains and buses since starting University wahhh sad student life ahaha.
I try to be as frugal as possible these days and have been trying to save up money so I can do some travelling in the summer of my final year so I have only been buying new things when I need something rather than just when I want something. However after doing quite a bit of overtime at work I decided I would treat mah self and pick up some items of make-up I had been wanting to get for a while however didn't necessarily need.

So here is a little haul of what I picked up and what I think about each item as I have had a couple of weeks to properly try everything out! Enjoy :)

I had been wanting to get some more eye shadow pallet's for a while and I had been contemplating buying another Naked pallet or splashing out on another high end pallet. However as I said before I'm trying to save money so I just couldn't bring myself to part with £38 or so pounds so I decided to go on a hunt for some low price dupes of them.
The first pallet I picked up was one from Revolution called Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2.

They are a beautiful set of neutral matte colours and was exactly what I was looking for to use for everyday make-up looks when I want to wear eye shadow but want to keep it quite basic and natural looking. This pallet is perfect and the colour pay off is great once you build them up.
I tried to get swatches however my camera wouldn't pick them up that well she I just gave up sorry aha.

The price point is also fabulous being only £4 for 12 shades!

The other pallet I picked up was the MUA Heaven & Earth. I have had a few MUA eye shadow pallets in the past and really liked them. MUA is super affordable and the products have worked really well I have always found. I found the eye shadows to be really pigmented and this pallet was no different. They are beautiful shimmery neutral colours and can be used to dress up an everyday make-up look or can be used for a more dressed up formal make-up look, so super versatile.
Again this pallet was only £4 so great value for money!

Colours from top left to right: Aurora, Amazonian Bronze, Babylon, Myan Dust, Valley and Golden Sand.
Colours from bottom left to right: Rift, Amber Dune, Catacomb, Tectonite, Canyon, Bedrock

As you can see the shadows are super pigmented and shimmery as you can see from the swatches below.

Something else I got from MUA was their Undress your skin Shimmer Highlighter in Iridescent Gold. This was £3 so super affordable!
Like the MUA pallet, this highlighter is super shimmery and super pigmented so it makes a perfect highlighter for the above the cheekbone and also for highlighting above the eyebrows. I have also used this as an eye shadow so it's a great piece to have in my make-up collection. I absolutely love this highlighter!!

As you can see from this swatch the highlighter is beautifully pigmented and so shimmery, I love it!!

Going along with the theme of the highlighter I also picked up the BarryM Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit. I had been wanting to get myself something like this for a while as the bronzer I had been using was just a bit too shimmery and bronze if that makes any sense.
I can't quite remember how much I paid for it but it is currently £6.49 at Boots so really inexpensive and the kit lasts a long time as I have been using it almost everyday for about 3 weeks now and it hardly looks like I've used it.

The colours are all nice and matte which I really like as it makes the contouring look a lot more natural when on the face and leaves soft definition rather than harsh lines.
The kit also has instructions on the inside lid which is really helpful and shows where each powder should be used.

I work part time at H&M and when they launched their beauty line we were all super excited. We got the first look at the section in our store and I was overwhelmed by the amount of products, I literally could have spent my whole months pay, I wanted all of it!!!
This however caught my eye first as I had been hearing a lot about Micellar Water and people seemed to be raving about it. I used to use make-up removing wipes but I was noticing they were drying out my skin and irritating my eyes. After doing a bit of research I found out that many skin experts advise against make up remover wipes and instead say that cleansers are a much better way of removing make-up and more gentler on the skin.
I have to say I am completely sold and I don;t think I will ever go back to the wipes. I have found it much more gentle on my face and eyes and it removes my make-up in one go, no rubbing or having to use multiple cotton pads to get everything off, it is so so effective and I am innn loveeee!
Annnnddd another plus of this product is that it is only £3.99!!! Amazing.

Continuing on my H&M purchases I also picked up 4 of our nail polishes. First of all I am in love with the packaging, I just love the rounded edges and I think the white top shows off the polish colours really nicely.
The quality of the nail polishes is great and you can get away with only one coat in the darker colours. Although the lighter colours may need two coats, the polish dries quickly so it really isn't much of a hassle. With a price point of only £3.99 it is hard to say no.
There are sooo many beautiful colours to chose from and I find myself longing after a new one each time I go in to work.

The first colour I picked up is this beautiful pearlescent pink which is a perfect colour for spring and moving into the summer. It's a colour that goes with most outfits and it's really feminine and soft.
The shade is called Austin Rose.

The second polish is a pastel purple colour. It's showing up a lot more blue toned on camera however in person it is a much more soft light pastel colour. This is a perfect spring tone!
This one is called Lavender Lullaby.

The next one is this chalky teal polish. It is a beautiful blue with grey tones to it that almost give it a chalky colour. I absolutely love this one and it was the first one I picked up. It is the most pigmented on the four I bought and it only needs one coat.
This one is aptly called The Real Teal.

The final polish I grabbed was this amazing clear glitter polish with pastel sequins and flecks in it! The colours of the sequins are all pastel and include orange, purple, yellow, green, blue and silver glitter. The sequins are super chunky which I love as it makes applying really easy and it looks great on over the top of plain nail polish. I don't think I've ever had a polish that looks like this so it is super unique.
This one is called Bonheur.

Okay so this next item was actually a gift from my Grandparents but I thought I would include it in this haul anyway. It is the Benefit They're Real mascara.
I was literally heard sooo much about this product, people seem to be absolutely head over heals for this mascara so I was super excited to have been gifted it!
I'm not one of those people that is constantly on the look out for new mascaras that supposedly do amazing things to amplify lashes or add volume etc. To be truthful I actually use the super cheap colour trend mascara that get from Avon and have been using it for years. It is only around £2 and is often on offer, and to be truthful it is the best mascara I have used.
Despite that I do really like this benefit mascara, it did make my eyelashes look super volumized and long however only slightly compared to my normal cheap Avon one.
I am pretty lucky in that I have curly eyelashes that are reasonably long and pretty fanned out so I find that these types of mascaras just all look the same on my eyelashes as I'm not really in need of anything in particular like volumization that some people might be after. I'm sure for people who want to add volume or length etc then this mascara would be amazing but in truth for me (and believe me I am very thankful for my lashes and I don't take them for granted) there is only a slight difference between this and my cheapo Avon one, although the benefit one does add a teeeny bit more length. So all in all this mascara is really great but with a price point of nearly £20 I think I'll just be sticking with my £2 Avon one in the future!

View of my lashes with the mascara one looking down. (Also eye shadows used are from the Revolution pallet mentioned at the top)

As you can see there is a lot of length however this is pretty much how my eyelashes always look, maybe a teeensy bit shorter. However I did actually find my lashes were sticking to each other a bit more with the benefit mascara than when I use my usual Avon one so Avon has the upper hand on that.

And finally the last product I purchased was a MAC Lipstick. This is my second ever MAC lipstick and I loveee them. I would have draws full of MAC products if only I wasn't a poor student and could afford them :(
I love the consistency, texture, pigmentation and well just everything about MAC lipsticks and I do really believe they are one of the best lipsticks out there. With a price point of £15.50 they wont break the bank but they are on the slightly pricier side compared to drug store lipsticks.

I chose the shade Craving which is one of the Amplified Creme lipsticks. It is super buttery and soft and doesn't dry out your lips so I really love that aspect of this lipstick.

As you can see it is a lovely light plum colour, is vibrant yet doesn't look too bold on your lips, it is a perfect mixture between the two.

As you can see it is really silky and the pigmentation is great!

It leaves a great shine on the lips and I just love the way it looks on and how it goes with my complexion.

A super beautiful lipstick!

Well that is everything, I hope you enjoyed this little haul and that I may have answered some questions if anyone was contemplating buying any one of these products.
Let me know in the comments bellow if you have tried any of the products and what you thought about them. I would also love to hear some suggestions of beauty items you think are must haves or anything you think I need to try out!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New York City 2015

Hello Strangers,

I know I haven't updated in my blog in absolutely forever and its pretty shocking haa!

I have however made a new year resolution to try and get back into blogging so we shall see how it goes. Truthfully I just ran out of time to fit in blogging amongst the thousands of other things I had to do alongside juggling my Law degree with part time work, Rugby, socialising, studying and just everything else that gets in the way of regularly blogging!
The past few years of Uni have been manic, although I adore being at university most of the time, it really isnt a walk in the park of partying and constant socialising whilst being free from the rules of your parents, with maybe like a teeny bit of Uni work and studying right?
Nah ahhh, once second year comes along its a completely different ball game and sadly things like blogging were the first things to go :(
I am now in my third year, with another year after this left of my degree (Law with American Studies is a 4 year degree) and things haven't slowed down and I am sure they will continue to be just as manic for the rest of this year and the next!
However I really want to try to update my blog as much as I can. It might not be regular, it might be completely random but I want to try and keep some free time (which is hard to come by as a Law student) to put into blogging again!

Another thing to do on my list was to compile my footage from our family trip in October to New York and put it into a video. I have FINALLY got around to editing it all together and I am really happy with it, (After waiting 5 hours for the damn thing to upload to YouTube!!!)
I am no expert in filming or editing for that matter so the footage is shockingly shaky and the editing is pretty basic but I love it none the less and I am sure with more practise I can improve.

Nevertheless I have linked the video on here and hope anyway reading this enjoys watching the video :) 
Lets how I don't leave it quite as long in-between blog posts this time ;P

New York City 2015 Video

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In search for something more to be.

                       Take a listen to this? I'm currently obsessed with ├ôlafur Arnalds!

Hi there, sooooo I have kind of neglected my blog recently...hah understatement of the year my last post was in's now November...oops :D
The usual excuse of being busy over summer, getting ready for uni, starting uni, being busy at uni oh and I'm currently ill with Tonsillitis, boooo... but also in all honesty I haven't had much inspiration to sit down and blog.
Uni so far has been a massive, life changing experience and I haven't really felt like I have had a moment to breath.
It's changed the way I think about various aspects of my life, made me realise what I value and who/what I spend my time caring about.

 I'm not going to lie to you, the first few weeks here were HARD. The first few days of freshers are a blur, you spend your time desperately running around trying to find these life long friends you are told by everyone you will meet when in reality most of the people you speak to in freshers week end up fading away into the masses of people around you. I'm currently into week 8 and most of the people I met in freshers week, I haven't seen since.
It was tough coming from such a steady group of friends from back home that hasn't really changed for most of my life to being thrown into a new place without this definite and constant group for the first few weeks. Looking back I realise it was unrealistic of me to think I would meet these people on the first day but at the time it overwhelming.

 This all made the dreaded home sickness come in thick and fast. I was surrounding myself with these people I didn't really know anything about just to not be alone, yet I felt more alone than I ever had.
All I wanted more than anything in the world was a hug from my Mum.
The cheesy saying: distance makes the heart grow fonder is certainly the case for me when it came to Uni.
I have always had a close relationship with my family but there's something different about being so far away from them and still knowing they are there for you. The Uni I got to is pretty far from home so I can't just pop on a quick train and visit home for the day. It takes a good 31/2 to 4 hours and a return journey costs on average £50 (with a railcard).
Being able to FaceTime my Mum, Step-Dad and Brother. My grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins helped so much to show me that it would all get better, that people were there for me, and whatever decision I made they were behind me 100%.
From the little experience I have from uni so far, one main thing it has taught me is how precious the love and support is from family, the unconditional love.

 After things got going I started to see the same people more regularly and found people who I really got on with and made me feel comfortable, no trying to fit in, just being relaxed and being me. It's so strange how these friendships come about, a chance meet leading into these connections. One of my main friends at Uni, Phoebe, and I's friendships started upon a chance meet in an introductory lecture in our first week. We started chatting and she asked for me to note down my name so she could add me of Facebook. She added me and we didn't really speak or see each other again for that first week but at the end of the week I had a weird urge to message her to see if she had any plans for the night. We met up and went to dinner with a few of her flat mates and have been friends ever since!
I wonder how different things may have been if I hadn't had the random urge to message her, had she said no or had I still been desperately trying to find my way somewhere else.

 Another random decision I made that has completely changed my uni experience for the better was joining the Women's Rugby. I was walking around the freshers fair with no intention to join any other society but the Law one. I walked past the Women's Rugby table, quickly glancing at it and remembering how fun the tag rugby days were back in school but had no intention of going over when a member at the table, I believe it was Peggy (a 3rd year) asked if I wanted to join.
Other societies had done the same but I had simply brushed them off with a no thanks and moved on but for some reason I felt myself gravitating towards them. I didn't debate it in my head, I just chatted to them, put my name down, I felt good.
I went to the taster session and I just knew I needed to keep going, I had this good feeling about it all, I still do. I've met some amazing people through it, one of my closest friends at the moment I met there. I feel its helping me grow as a person, mentally as well as physically and it is one of the best decisions I have made so far at uni.
I've figured out a lot, even just from being here for 8 weeks. That forcing yourself onto people who don't put the effort back, or feeling you need to change yourself to fit in with them is wasting energy and won't make you feel like you belong.
Things do fall into place and although I still have so much more to experience, what I have had the chance to do so far has been amazing!

I am going to try to keep blogging about my experiences, feeling and just everything and anything as I feel it's something good to look back on later down the line.
The things I blog about and the direction of my blog may be changing, but that's because my life has changed and is changing.
However... I may indulge in an occasional haul here or there... I may be a student but what did you all think the student overdraft was for? ;)

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

June Glossybox!

Once again this is a free Glossybox as I collected enough Glossydots to redeem them for a free one, yayyy!
However this is going to be my last Glossybox post for at least until after July as I am trying to save as much money as possible for my summer holidays and summer activities. It's going to be one expensive summer. Although I love being signed up to Glossybox it's more of a luxury rather than a need, so for now whilst I am saving I have cancelled my subscription but I will sign up again after my holiday with my besties (soooo excited only 24 days eeeeeek)

Anyway on to this months Glossybox. The theme of this months box was Summer Looks which is basically a summer holiday/festival themed box. Although I am more of a fan of receiving make up products rather than hair or skin products I was actually pleasantly surprised by this months box. Although it wasn't my all time favourite Glossybox I still really enjoy using all of the products and especially one of the hair products that I will mention later on in this post!

Although it looks like we received 6 products it is kind of 5 as the two Paul Mitchell hair products come together.

At first glance I had no idea what this product was as I don't think I have ever heard of Q before. It is a body spray that is supposed to be long lasting. I have to agree it does live up to this and the scent does stick around for a long time which is always good with a body spray. It's very floraly which is perfect for me but it isn't too overpowering and musky. The size is pretty cool too as it isn't too bulky that it takes up a tonne of room in your suitcase or bag yet is big enough to contain a considerable amount of products. This is the full size of 100ml and costs £2.29 so very affordable!

The next product is a brand I have also not really heard about and this is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR. Yeah, quite a mouthful! This is a multipurpose oil that can be used on your face, hair or any part of the body to contour or add a slight warmth and shimmer. Supposedly when added to your hair it is meant to strengthen and hydrate your hair if you leave it in for around 15 minutes and then wash out. I haven't tried this on my hair yet but it works well to add a slight golden tone to my face. I have wanted to receive an oil to try out for a while as it is quite new territory for me so I am glad I have the chance to experiment. The full size is 100ml and costs £34, so not super cheap. The size we received is 10ml.

Here is what the oil looks like swatched, once rubbed in the colour becomes more subdued and turns into more of a subtle glow.

Next is Mono's Hydrating Moisturiser with SPF 15. I have tried out a Monu product from Glossybox before and really liked it so I had optimistic expectations for this. It is essentially a moisturiser with SPF which is always a winner in my book due to being very pale skinned and therefore meaning I burn easily. I was slightly worried that my skin might react to this as I have very sensitive skin but so far my skin hasn't reacted at all and it is a very good moisturiser  The scent is fresh and I've really enjoyed using it! We received a size of 30ml but the full size is 50ml and costs £29.95 so again not super cheap but is definitely a high quality product so would be worth paying a bit extra.

The next product/s is this Paul Mitchell Curls duo. The Ultimate Wave and the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment. First off the Ultimate Wave creates a beach wave in your hair once applied to damp hair and either left to dry or defused. I've tried this out a few times and I REALLY like this product! It creates a soft and natural beach wave with minimal effort so I think this is the perfect summer time product. The sample sizes for both products is 15ml but the full size for the Ultimate Wave is 150ml and costs £11.95. I think I will definitely be repurchasing this as the price is reasonable for how effective the product is and a little really does go a long way.
The second in the duo is the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment, at £14.95 for 200ml. I haven't actually tried this one out yet but I would love to hear what anyone thinks about it who has tried it? The leaflet says that you add a generous amount to damp/towel dried hair, scrunch and then leave to air dry or defuse.

I immediately loved this product when I saw it simply because of the packaging. I loved the little flamingos and how this would fit perfectly in one of the pockets in my handbag for quick and easy use. It is the Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm. It's tinted and 100% natural which I love!! Anything natural has got to be good for you and the fact that it comes in a tube makes it much more hygienic than a lip balm in a tin. It can supposedly be used on your cuticles, elbows,eyelids and knees but I think I'll probably just stick to using it on my lips. This is the full size at 12.5ml and costs £5.00 so a reasonable price for such a good lip product. It smells sweet and the tint to it is nice an subtle.

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the June Glossybox and I loved getting to try a few products/brands I hadn't heard of before. I can see myself integrating the Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Wave hair product into my must have summer items as I can see it being so useful on holiday as a no fuss way of styling my hair.
I am sad to not be getting a box next month as I really look forward to the little present in the post each month but once I have saved up enough money for my summer antics I will be jumping back on the Glossybox bandwagon!!

What did you get in your June Glossybox? What did you think of the products your received?

Monday, 20 May 2013

May Glossybox!

From the get go I am going to let you know that this months Glossybox was fricking amazing!! It's Glossybox's 2 year anniversary/birthday so the theme of this months Glossybox was Glossybox turns 2. The box was the normal baby pink box but the paper as you can see was birthday themed with a neon pink ribbon (although it isn't showing up quite so bright in the photo)

I was absolutely amazed when I saw the amount of products in the box and especially seeing 4 (Say whaaa?) full size products!!! How awesome is that?! Along with this there was a bonus item instead of the usual 5 items.

The first little bonus item was a Glossybox pack of mini nail filers. I am a sucker for anything mini-sized as I think they are so cute. Not only that but this will come in super handy for when I go away on holiday in summer because I can't stand having unpainted or uneven nails. This will be easy to store and won't take up much room in my case.

The first product that caught my eye is the Awapuhi Wild Ginger shine spray. Supposedly the Awapuhi leaves are used by Hawaiian natives to nourish and moisturise skin and hair. This spray is meant to add shine and also protect your hair. This is the full size of 125ml and costs £18.95. I loved how it looked when applied as it does give a really natural shine without looking greasy and also adds volume. Although I really like this product and a small amount goes a long way so it would last a long time, I don't know if I would regularly fork out near to £20 for it. 

The next product is a full size Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara. I had my first Jelly pong pong product a few boxes ago and really enjoyed the product. This product doesn't disappoint either and I love how it lengthens and separates my lashes so they have a fanned out effect. I found this is perfect for my eyelash type as I have a problem sometimes with my eyelashes clumping because my lashes are quite close together. This mascara separates them and I really like how it looks on. It boats to be waterproof but I didn't find that it stayed very well when in contact with water. Despite this I really like this mascara, not to mention the cute packaging of the box and at £15 I do think the quality of it makes the price worth it.

The next product although a pretty small sample size had me super excited! I have wanted a good primer for ages so I was pumped to give this a go. This is the Beautiful Movement Cosmetics (which was formally BM Beauty) Prime and create mixing medium. You can use this in various ways, alone as a primer, mix it with foundation to get a more airbrushed effect, mix with powder blush or bronzer to create a cream blusher/bronzer so the colour is softer and more subtle, as an eye-shadow primer or mixed with eye shadow to create a liquid liner. Talk about being versatile!! I personally love using this as an eye shadow primer or mixing it with my blusher as I love the soft effect it gives. The full size of this is 20g and costs £20. 

A clear thick liquid so its perfect as a base for anything.

I was superrrr super superrrr excited to see this full sized product in the box. I watch Kassia on YouTube (check her out here) and she swears by this eyeliner. It's Collections fast stroke eyeliner and is an amazingly affordable eyeliner at only £2.99. The brush is really precise and the pigmentation of the liquid is awesome! I'm not a massive user of liquid eyeliner as I prefer the gel based eyeliners but this is an exception. It's easy to apply and it stays put throughout the whole day. One issue I have with it is that sometimes the liquid can roll to the end of the brush if you aren't careful and can run into a blob on your lid but apart from that I love this and I'm so glad it popped up in my box.

I was really curious by this next product as I have never heard of Headline Colors nail polish. This is a super pigmented polish and it claims it has great staying power meaning less chipping and flaking. Although many polishes claim to have good staying power this polish really does raise the bench mark. My nails tend to chip easily as my job means I am constantly using my hands and along with amount of essays I write for college my nails are always getting messed up. This polish is the only one I have found that stays without chipping for days on end. The cost of this polish is £9 which is on the expensive side for nail polishes. Although I won't be buying these as regular as I would with brands such as BarryM, I can definitely see myself getting some more. I believe this colour is Poolside Party but I'm not 100% sure, never the less it's a super summery bright baby blue shade.

I can't say enough about how impressed I was with this months box! With 4 FULL SIZE products, it is the best box I have received yet. I am yet to be really disappointed with Glossybox and I can't wait for my June box!!!

If you are subscribed to Glossybox what did you get in your May box and what did you think of the products?