Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bleach and 3 Year Olds.

So I am not usually one to make a judgement on someone else's decisions because everyone has different morals, beliefs, upbringings ect and everyone is individual which is perfectly normal. However, earlier today I was browsing through some random blogs and came across a woman's blog who has blogged/bragged about her bleaching her 3 year old sons hair (and yes there were pictures for proof) as well as painting her newborn girls nails?!?!

 I mean of course you are entitle to do what you want with your kids and what not but to me that seems to just be taking it too far! What ever happened to keeping kids as kids?!
 To me painting a what 5 week old baby's finger and toe nails is just wrong. If its just a one off thing for a joke or just because you thought it would be cute one time then that's not too bad, although I still wouldn't do it, but she even exclaimed how she likes to do it ALL the time. I may be completely exaggerating and flipping out over nothing but to me that's just wrong.
Furthermore bleaching a 3 year old hair is just outrageous!! Bleaching is bad for even adults hair so doing that to fragile young hair is just awful.
 If she carry's on doing that shes going to ruin her little boys hair before he even turns a suitable age to tell her that he doesn't like it. A lot of people regret bleaching their hair when they were in their teens as it can turn many peoples hair dry, brittle and hard to manage. To do that to a small child who even if asked if he wants it done doesn't know the damage of it is just beyond me.
I don't judge her or anyone else's parenting or ability as a mother who does this as these really don't define your ability as a parent, so I am really not saying that (I know some people will take it that way). However I do think this is an absolutely crazy thing to do to your young children and it really shocked me!

Okay nail polish is not that bad to put on young children (even though it really doesn't appeal to me) but bleaching a 3 year old's hair is just CRAZY!

Whats next, extensions on a 6 month old?!

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