Thursday, 24 May 2012

British Weather.

I love that stereotype that the English are always moaning about the weather, and to be fair it is true! I mean in all us English's defense we do have crappy weather most of the time so when the temperature rises above about 20 degrees it feels like we've been ripped up and plonked  in the middle of the Sahara desert!

 When its raining,we moan. When its boiling hot, we moan. When its just right, we moan for more sun. When we get more sun, we moan that it too hot. When its snowing, most of us moan. When the snow clears up, we moan about the sludge and want to snow back. Us British love to moan ;)
I came up with one valid excuse as to why we moan when we finally get the sun. That is that we don't have air conditioning (because 99.9% time it is not needed here) so it makes sleeping when we get a sunny spell DISGUSTING! Cant describe how much I hate being really hot when trying to sleep.
However apart from that one excuse I have come to a conclusion...Us British love to moan! Especially about the weather!

Now that I mention it, it is a little too hot today... ;)

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