Saturday, 19 May 2012

What did I tell you?

After thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do at University and snapping harshly at my mother every time she mentioned the 'different routes' and 'partner subjects' that I could add to the standard Law Degree that I want to study, well I think I've backtracked. Although I am not going to completely admit to my mum that she was right for me to look into what else I could do with the degree (which is a mahoosive range of subjects) she was probably, maybe, actually right.

 I have known since I went out to Canada a year ago in late July that that IS where I want to will live as soon as possible. I always assumed that I would just be able to get my degree, go out there and immediately be able to practice law. Yet what I don't think I looked at realistically is that American/Canadian Law is different to English Law... Casually I was just browsing one of the Universities that I am applying to at the end of this year and hopefully end up getting and offer to (fingers crossed for 3 A's!) and a course called 'LLB with American Studies' Which is basically the classical Law Degree in England, the degree in which I was adamant on taking without anything else with it. Adamant that was until about 9:30 this evening...
So, now that I have researched I am pretty much 99.9% sure that is what I want to do. It involves either 2 years of the study for LLB along with a small amount of American Studies and then the last year in a Northern American University finishing off the degree or 3 years of the LLB with the American studies and a final year in an American University. It doesn't cost more money per year to do the 1 year studying in American/Canada and it would be the most amazing opportunity that could open a whole lot more doors that just doing the 'standard' Law degree. However it might limit the chances of me going to Cardiff University (which so far is my favorite) as I am not completely sure that they offer it! I guess that is one of the sacrifices I am going to have to make.

 So. As I sit here, waiting for my mother to come back, I know that I need to tell her my 'new' decision. It will involve a few hours of her 'researching' it, worrying and lecturing me as to whether it will be worth it or 'Isn't it too late to change your mind' but in the end, this is what my gut, my heart and maybe a little bit of my brain is telling me to do. I need to listen to my gut instinct and heart more often as if i am going to rack up these humongous debts anyway, I might as well make them worth it. I want to look back on this decision and think 'God I'm glad I made that snap of the fingers, Saturday night, too much coffee decision'. I know that is what I will be saying in not so long to come.

First stop, need to get in to Uni....

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