Tuesday, 12 June 2012

20 pence short.

 Earlier on this week I got told about/read about an awful crime that took place in my hometown. It apparently happened back near Christmas on one of the coldest nights of the year.
  A young 22 year old girl was out with friends and went to catch the last bus home. As she got on the bus and was 20p short of the bus fair, she was refused by the bus driver to be allowed on. Only 20p short, a young girl at 3 in the morning was kicked off a bus and left alone and no one on that bus stepped forwards to help her. After she was refused entry onto the bus she rang her mother to pick her up but on waiting she was brutally raped an beaten up by a 19 year old boy. It is reported that she was so badly beaten up that her mother was unable to identify her face at the scene!
It absolutely disgusts me that because of a stubborn bus driving being tight over 20p short of a bus fair and NO ONE on that bus stepping in to help, a young girl was raped.
 It would have been so simple to stop it. What makes it even more upsetting is that the girl said she would go to the cash machine to make up for the money or that her mother would wait at the bus stop at her destination to give him the measly 20p extra for the bus fare when she got off. This still wasn't cold hearted bus driver. How outrageous is it that, that bus driver could leave a young girl alone at 3 in the morning, vulnerable with no money to get a taxi or anyway to reach safety without the risk of something happening to her!  What would you do if you saw a young woman beg for the driver of a night bus to let her on because she was 20p short of her £5 fare?!
If it wasn't for her worried mother who combed the streets looking for her, the young girl would have died.

 It upsets me at how hard skinned we have all becomes these days. Yes we are all guilty at some point of walking past a young child begging at a train station or ignoring someone in need of help. However, what if that girl was your daughter, your sister or friend. What if that girl was you?
Firstly that bus driver could have prevented a seriously violent rape on an innocent girl, yet the fact that not one person on that full night bus even stepped in to help or offer that extra 20p is disgusting!
The animal that attacked and raped her is now awaiting his sentence, but I believe that it is the bus driver and the passengers on board who turned their back on a young girl in need, deserve to serve a life sentence of guilt.

Megan x 

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