Monday, 4 June 2012

Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

On Saturday we went to a gathering with all the family and some friends for my grandparents 70th birthday, mainly for my Grandma as we allready had a party for my grandpa when we went away last month. Being Jubilee weekend our family decided to celebrate both and it was such a good time! I thought, therefore I would dedicate my post to Queen Elizebeths Diamond Jubilee and how my family and I celebrated her rein as queen aswell as my grandparents rein over our family!
My family isn't extremely patriotic apart from my Grandparents but we like to hear, see, learn ect about the royal family and are proud of that aspect of our British culture. What I find amazing is that my grandparents, being around 10 at the time of the coronation, got to experience it! They have so many amazing stories of that time, and my Grandpa grew up in London so experience it first hand!
At the time of the coronations of Queen Elizabeth II on the 2nd June 1953 Sir Winston Churcill was prime minister. There was still rationing in force across britatin but that year saw the removal of restrictions on many things and the nation was being able to enjoy much more now the austerity of war was beginning to subside. Television was become extremely popular and a main symbol of the jubilee with people watching the celebrations.
The coronation was an extremely exciting and patriotic time for many British people, and I find it amazing that my grandparents were there to experience much of it!

This Weekend was the Queens 60th year on the throne, and we all celebrated her Diamond Jubilee!

I happened to stumble upon a picture of the Queen at her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Phillip) and thought it was really cool to see the wedding of her son (Prince Charles and Dianna) and then her grandson (Prince William and Kate Middleton) in comparison. 

So this is my families Diamond Jubilee and Grandparents 70th Birthday party/weekend!

I was at work on Saturday morning and everything was Jubilee themed! So temped to buy this ring.

My Auntie made these awesome bunting with my grandmas face under the crowns as we have a running joke in the family that she is the Queen!

Little Tom!

Such a cutie!

The beautiful Izzie.

My beautiful little cousins Hannah and Jessica.

I forgot to get a picture of the main food spread, but I managed to snap one of the puddings! I made both the Chocolate cheese cake and lemon tart!

Cheeky Tom up to no good

It was so adorable, my Grandpa started to cry because he felt the present was so lovely and sentimental. I love my Grandpa

The family jokes and memories!

Being a bit patriotic!

Little Miss Britannia.

Prima Ballerina.

Harvey summing up the end of the day perfectly!

It was an absolutely wonderful Jubilee weekend. I love spending time with my family and wouldn't trade their craziness for the world. The celebrations for Queen Elizabeth made me feel extremely proud to be British and I am so grateful I have been able to experience the Jubilee! It is something to tell my kids just like the stories my grandparents have told me about her coronation. Its so unique and amazing that we get to experience such an important monarchy who are so close to everyone's hearts be them patriotic or not! Its times like this that I remember how lucky we are!
God save the Queen.

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