Sunday, 10 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman(Review)

 I went to see the movie Snow White and the Huntsman last Wednesday and thought I would do a little review on it as I enjoyed it so much. I have never really done a movie review before so bear with me as it might be a little rough and messy! (I warn there is some minor spoilers!)
So firstly the original Snow White story was a German Fairytale and has lots of different interpretations. In this movie interpretation a few things are different and they use the interpretation of the Queen wanting Snow Whites heart which many people believe is the original version however infact the traditional way the story is told is that the Queen wants snow white lungs and liver. Also, traditionally snow white awakens from being poisoned by the apple due to the dwarfs stumbling on rocks when carrying her coffin which dislodges the poisoned apple in her throat, bringing her back to life. Where as most people know the story as the prince kisses her blahblahblah true love and she wakes up.
What I particulary like about the film adaptation is that it is infact not the prince's kiss that awakens Snow White but infact the Huntsman's kiss, which for me made it uber cute and just pleasingly unconventional.
In terms of the movie, I thought it was a really entertaining watch and although you would assume it to be a girly film that not many men would really want to watch it was suprisingly neutral on that front. It had the fairy tale story behind it that many of us women adore yet it had some great action for anyones reluctant hubby or boyfriend who has been dragged along to watch it. Some of the action scenes like the final battle on the beach were really incredible and had amazing special effects throughout!
The film is just over 2 hours long which is usually pretty long for a film but I wasnt sitting waiting for it to end, nor did it drag, which is a real sign of a great film! However on the other hand I wouldn't really reccomend it for young children as although it is a fairytale, its audience is more aimed at adults and teenagers as it can be pretty scary in some places, has slight adult conduct and I really don't feel a young child would be entertained throughout 2 hours of the movie.
Something else I loved about this movie was its soundtrack! Now for some people soundtracks aren't all that important but for me I feel that a great soundtrack to a movie really makes it. If you think about watching a movie that includes no music at all, it would really impare the effectiveness of scenes, situations and to be honest the whole movie. A great piece of music can really change a scene from a moderate one to a fantasticly moving one. One of the main songs seen in Snow White and the Huntsman is Florence and the Machine's Breath of Life which was used in the trailor and the main song for the movie. It is such a powerful song and really sells the movie!
I've put the song along with clips from the movie below if you want to take a listen (not made by myself, found on youtube)

Along with the effectiveness of the movie itself I really felt that they had a great number of actors in it who played their roles so well. Firstly I thought Kristen Stewart was perfect for the role of Snow White. Now I know that people either love or hate Kristen Stewart but I happen to be one of those who love her! I thought she played out the role awesomely, she managed to do a great British accent, not one of those awfull ones that people put on thinking that us what us British people sound like. It really did sound real especially considering the time period the movie was meant to be set it, I think she got the accent down to a tee. Not to mention she fit the pale skin, red lips, black hair and beautiful requirements to play Snow White! She is refreshingly, naturally beautiful. 
I also thought that the Chris Hemsworth who played the Huntsman was great for his role! He seemed rugged and somewhat harsh at the beginning but I felt that he was the most love-able character throughout! I also think that he and Kristen seemed to gel well together in the movie.
Finally Charlize Theron who played the wicked queen was absolutely amazing at her role! She was stunningly chilling and evil in her way in which she depicted the queen and absolutely wowed me with her beauty throughout the movie! I think she was perfect for the role!

So over all I thought the movie was a great success and I would really recommend going to watch it, even if it is not your usual genre of movie or cup of tea(English saying right there!). It really is a great movie and was completely different to what I expected it to be like. The whole of the movie was shot with great beauty and the whole of it seemed picture perfect and enchanting. I really do recommend just giving it a go!

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