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Summer Stylin!

 Now I am no style expert or claim to be so, but I thought I would share my thoughts for summer must haves this year. I am only expressing my own views and opinions on fashion/clothing that is around this summer. everyone has their own style and opinions on different things and this is just my take on that. Non of the pictures below are mine and I do not take credit for them. This is just simply my ideas on what is rockin for this summer!

One of my most favorite summer staples at the moment is definitely the Maxi dress and skirt. I think it is such a feminine and beautiful way to wear a skirt. It is surprisingly cooling on hot days and allows anyone who feels conscious of their legs to feel like they can wear other types of skirt rather than just knee length. It is also a fantastic versatile piece of clothing that can be used in both casual and smart situations, by adding just a pair of heels or a snazzy top! I really feel that EVERYONE needs to own at least one maxi skirt or dress, because once you've got one, you wont be able to stop! My number one favorite summer must have!

I think that this blue fade skirt is so beautiful an is instantly an outfit all by itself!

I have a thing for pink skirts and I think I have way more than I need! Oh well ay ;)

The maxi dress doesn't just have to be one color. There are tonnes of maxi dresses that look like a two piece.

I also think that everyone needs a red maxi-skirt. 

If you like to show of your legs but still like the look of the maxi skirts/dresses, or want to mix it up a bit I think that another summer must have are the skirts with the high low hem. I think some people call the Asymmetric, but whatever they are called I think that they are soooo pretty and adorably girly/feminine! You can get ones that are quite long at the front or ones that are almost like miniskirts at the front and floor length at the back. I think both are great but work differently on different figures/styles ect.

This is not technically a high low hem dress but I thought it fit in to this category well enough, and it was too stunning to miss out!

They look great when showing off a pair of heels!

I also love the ones that are pleated, as the extra texture give a completely different look.

There's also sheer ones, if you are brave enough?

A type of color block that is in again this year that I absolutely adore is pastels and browns/whites/creams. I think they are great if your style is quite girly but even pops of pastel or a cream top make an outfit seem much more elegant and summery! 

This beautiful one piece swimsuit is amazingly flattering as the black waist band gives the illusion of an even smaller waist!

The baby blue top and pastel polka dot skirt is so preppy and great for girly girls.

Tying in beige shoes with a beige top is always so pretty.

I love love loveee the mint pastel this season and it is a super feminine color. I think it is also such a versatile color as it seems to suit absolutely anyone!

Pastel blazers are also one of my favs.

Having a light weigh cardigan or jacket is so useful in summer, especially when the evenings are too chilly to not wear one but too warm to put on a big woolly cardigan. 

Cut out backs are always so pretty and are oh so summery. Your back is the place where you usually carry the least weight, so why not show it off?!

Soft cream ruching at the chest of a dress is very flattering if you want to add more to your chest  and adding a simple belt will accentuate the waist.

Wedges are a must have for summer!

Everyone loves perfectly painted nails right?

Soft pink lipstick is great when pairing with pastel colors. It is not too striking yet draws just the right attention to your face and lips.

A girl can't have too many shoes.

Beige or cream shoes are great as they go with absolutely anything!

Pretty basic sandals. 

If you are not a fan of the mega mega high heels then going for a small kitten heel will dress up and outfit and flatter your legs without too much height.

Following on from the pastel colors, I also think the occasional layer of color in an outfit is a very vibrant way to jazz up an outfit on holiday. I particularly love adding yellow to outfits this summer even though I am not usually a big fan of yellow. I just think it is really fun and flirty! Additionally if you are really brave, wearing a whole outfit made up of vibrant colors, possibly making attractive clashes of color. This can either go extremely well or terribly bad! If you are brave enough, go for it ;)

I love the mustard yellow color in at the moment! Goes so well with brown.

I think that the cut out tops at the moment are so pretty! They add something extra to an otherwise normal top.

I love this contrast of colors!

Even just adding a colorful piece of jewellery or watch can bring out the personality in an outfit.

I absolutely love TOMS! They are so handy to have and go with pretty much any outfit!

If you are extra brave, why not try adding the color into your hair? Dip dying has become so popular recently and when done well I think it can look so amazing!

Black is as chic as it has ever been, including the timeless little black dress, or teaming a patterned top with a staple black skirt. Everybody needs a Little Black Dress in their wardrobe ;) I swear by it being the most versatile item of clothing to have.

The prefect strappy little black dress with beige heels.

Who said black and brown don't go? I love the addition of a brown belt to make a standard black dress even nicer.

Leopard print top with a chiffon black skirt? Yes please!
Black shoes are a must have!
An item of clothing that I feel is perfect and essential for summer, especially for trips away is a good old pair of short. Not everyone can feel comfortable wearing them, and I for one am no fan of my legs...BUT if you can find a pair that really flatter your pins then they are a really useful base to create an amazingly summery outfit. There are so many types of shorts and you don't have to get the shortest of the short just because that's what everyone seems to be obsessing about lately. To be truthful I really don't see the appeal of walking around in shorts that show off my but cheeks! My favorite type of shorts are defiantly the callot type that almost look like a skirt. They are uber girly and so flattering if you don't have the slimmest of legs like me!
So many types.

You can probably buy these in lots of shops at the moment but why not save a pair of old shorts ? All it takes is poping down to your local market or craft store, picking up some lace and either sewing it on wherever you want it or use fabric glue. Cheap and easy!

I love tailored shorts atm!

Such pretty detail.

Onto more about patterns and styles, blue and white is ALWAYS around in summer. The traditional nautical summer theme does not necessarily mean you need to go out in complete stripes and anchors, but adding blocks of blue and white helps to take on a more tones down take on it. I also adore blue and white in patterned material as its so delicate!

This has to be one of my favorite outfits! You could also wear this in winter or autumn by adding a pair of black tights.

So simple yet so effective.

Strappy tops are perfect for a summers outfit.

Florals are so so sooo summery and are guaranteed to be in each year. It is a great way to dress up in the sun and floral designs are great for either dressing down or dressing up. The great thing is, because florals are in year after year, you can recycle old floral clothing items by adding different jewellery or teaming them with other block colors. They are vintage and so flattering. I LOVE florals!

I love pink floraly tops. They are so pretty and have a great vintage feel to them.

A patterned skirt by itself with a simple black top is an outfit in itself!

Another type of pattern that I am in love with this year is the Aztec type patterns and designs! They are super exotic and their complex designs are just so eye catching! I love to jazz up a boring white or black top with a Aztec patterned skirt, the designs are perfect for adding some crazy personality to an outfit. The dream catcher style earrings and use of peacock feathers are such beautiful additions to any outfit!

Peacock feather patterns seem to be everywhere at the moment. They are so snazzy and are great for adding some color into smart outfits.

Play suits are another great essential to have around summer time.

An Aztec pattern maxi-skirt is so cute!

A Aztec inspired skirt can add some pattern into an outfit.

Something in expensive and that can instantly change a look for summer is your hair! There are so many different hair styles etc out there but here are some looks in which I think are great to pair with summer outfits. Most are easy to do and can change an outfit from average to outstanding! 

If I could stress one hair product to have it would be the bun sock! You can make one out of an old sock by cutting off the end and rolling it into a donut shape, or there are special made hair donuts that you can buy for a few pounds/dollars. It makes for a fuller and more dramatic bun which will give your hair volume and add shape to your face.

Hair bands/wraps are wonderful for adding some texture and color to a hairstyle.

French plait to add something different to a bun up-do.

I love this idea! It is so pretty.

Easy and pretty up do that looks harder than it is!

Again the dip dye hair but even without the dip dye I love the soft curls. So natural yet made up.

I love wavy beach hair and the plait band is beautiful.

As I stated before, I am no professional. These are just my interpretation and advice/ideas of summer styles. Non of the pictures were made by myself nor taken by me. All we taken off either Pinterest or
Hope you like it!

Megan x

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