Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Olympic Torch 2012! (In my home town)

On Thursday evening at around 6:30ish the Olympic torch entered into my city's town center (the lace market in Nottingham) 
The torch has been travelling around the UK and I believe that it was on day 42 when it came to us and there was a big celebration type thing in the center square with music, entertainment and events relating to the Olympics
The atmosphere was amazing as it was such an exciting experience when we were all waiting for the torch to come! It is crazy to me that the Olympics of 2012 are actually being held so close to me, in the country that I was born and raised in!
Now I know some people say 'its only a torch' which in all truth it is, but I think it holds more than the title of just being a torch. I have loved all the events that have been taking part around the UK and England at the moment like the Queens jubilee, the Euros and soon to be the Olympics. They really bring out the patriotic side in us all and give everyone a chance to celebrate just being British, cheesy as it is!
So here are a few pictures I took on Thursday. To be honest they aren't all that great as it was hard to get any decent pictures with the amount of peoples heads in the way!

Before all the crowds formed!

Member of Twist and Pulse tweeting a picture of everyone. woo!

A really bad quality of the Olympic torch :') I had to zoom in loads so it has awful pixels!

Riding in Katie's soft top mini on the way home! So much fun!

Here are some pictures in which I didn't take myself but show the torch through Nottingham and some torch bearers etc: 

In true British style it was p*ssing it down!

Raining buckets!

Such a cutie!

Finally the rain cleared and it started to get quite sunny later on when the torch reached Nottingham City center.

I believe this was in Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood!)

The famous Torvill and Dean ice skating with the flame.

Torvill and Dean bringing in the Olympic flame to Nottingham City center! I was in that crowd somewhere!!

Let the games begin ;) (so so sooo cheesy!)

Megan x


  1. lovely post! so exciting. x


    1. Thanks so much!
      Love your blog by the way! :) x