Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life Recently (in pictures)

So not a tonne has been going on recently as I have been working a LOT during these holidays! I can't complain as it means I am getting money and can start saving it all up, it also means I can go on a little shopping trip to treat myself soon ;)
Apart from work I have had some really lovely days spent with some of the best people in my life right now.
Walking up my friends road and I thought it looked really pretty!

Little cafe date with one of my bezzies Lauren. The cafe is called Homemade and it served the most delicious food for a light lunch! Not to mention it has the cutest things inside like the wine bottle candle!
Bottom Left is the Galleries of Justice where I have been volunteering this summer when I haven't been working!

The most beautiful sunset on my way home.

I wish my nail varnish would stay this perfect but after a day they are all chipped and not so pretty anymore :(

Top left: we made the cutest little love heart pancakes! Top right: watching the sunset on Wollaton Park
Bottom left: Chillin on the hill. Bottom Right: Playing cards on the hill, the game got a little bit tense!

The most beautiful and amazing group of besties I could ask for! Cheesy but I love them so much!
 Having a cute evening dinner when the weather was nice, we were actually able to sit out and sunbathe in swimwear!!! Crazy I know.

Making Eccles cakes! So yummyyy

I found the most hilarious app :') Sian as a cat...

Top left:Dinner date with some of the besties at a local Thai resturant.
Bottom left: Alice being Alice :')
Right: This picture of my friend Lauren cracks me up every time!! Love her long feet!

The best thing to come back to after a long morning at work! I am OBSESSED with Strawberries and Raspberries at the moment!!

I'm hoping to do more of these 'Life Recently' posts because it gives me a chance to actually put the random pictures I take during the week into use instead of  them just lying static on my phone or laptop!

I'm off on a bike ride tomorrow with my girls and then to the Zoo with my little cousins on Friday so maybe I will get a picture post up about them!
Life is so busy at the moment, but I like it. Waking up and having so much ahead of me is kind of exciting and it feels like I am actually doing something with my holidays instead of hanging around and sleeping like I would usually do :')

"To fill the hour -- that is happiness." 
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Megan x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Musical Monday

So I thought I would mix things up a bit and have a go at a short blog of some of my top 4 songs that I have been crazy about this past week.
They are all pretty different in style I guess, but I just thought I would share some of my favs at the moment.

I hope you enjoy and hopefully like some of them that I list (although I know everyone has their own taste in music blahblahblah and might think my selection is cr*p, but this is just my preferences!)  

1. Lana Del Rey-Born to die

Firstly I absolutely adore Lana Del Rey and her music. It is so enchanting and different yet at the same time not too out there that it is just weird! I have loved Born to die for quite a few months now as I downloaded it just before a family weekend away in Derby and I listened to it NONSTOP! It just reminds me of such a beautiful weekend so whenever I listen to it I get those feelings back. Not to mention it is such a great song!

2. Brian Crain-Dream of Flying

Okay so this one is a little bit random compared to most of the others. Firstly, yes it has no lyrics, it is just piano. BUT I have such a huge love for piano music, alone by itself. It is so beautiful and I always find myself downloading so much random Piano songs just because I love them all. I find this type of music so relaxing for car journeys, walking somewhere and when I need to chill after a rather hard day at work or college. 
I know not everyone will get this pick but I just can't get enough of this type of music. Because for some moments in life there are no words.

3. Corinne Bailey Rae- Choux Pastry Heart

Corrine Bailey Rae is such an outstanding Artist! Wow, her voice is so unique, soft yet eminently powerful! I think she is one of the greatest underrated artists that there is around and I wish she would get more credit for her music! Choux Pastry Heart immediately calms me down when I listen to it and it makes me want to go on a really long bike ride in the country somewhere with this blasting in my ears!

4. Lisa Mitchell- Coin Laundry

I love love loveee Lisa Mitchell as a music artists anyway, and again she is another wrongly underrated artists. Coin Laundry is such a quirky, upbeat song which is one of the reasons why I like her as an artists so much as well as this song. She is again a very unique music artist and her voice is very recognizable as I don't think I have heard anyone else with a voice like hers before (let me know if anyone has as I'm sure I would love their music as well!) I guarantee after a few listens to this song you wont be able to stop singing along to it, its so catchy!!!

So that was my top 4 fav songs at the moment, although I could have listed TONNES more! I hope you enjoyed it (that is if anyone actually reads this blog apart from me!)
Also if anyone happens to stumble along this post and has any of their own suggestions of good songs/artists then please comment to let me know as I am ALWAYS on the look out for new artists or songs that take my fancy!

Have a great day!

Megan x