Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life Recently (in pictures)

So not a tonne has been going on recently as I have been working a LOT during these holidays! I can't complain as it means I am getting money and can start saving it all up, it also means I can go on a little shopping trip to treat myself soon ;)
Apart from work I have had some really lovely days spent with some of the best people in my life right now.
Walking up my friends road and I thought it looked really pretty!

Little cafe date with one of my bezzies Lauren. The cafe is called Homemade and it served the most delicious food for a light lunch! Not to mention it has the cutest things inside like the wine bottle candle!
Bottom Left is the Galleries of Justice where I have been volunteering this summer when I haven't been working!

The most beautiful sunset on my way home.

I wish my nail varnish would stay this perfect but after a day they are all chipped and not so pretty anymore :(

Top left: we made the cutest little love heart pancakes! Top right: watching the sunset on Wollaton Park
Bottom left: Chillin on the hill. Bottom Right: Playing cards on the hill, the game got a little bit tense!

The most beautiful and amazing group of besties I could ask for! Cheesy but I love them so much!
 Having a cute evening dinner when the weather was nice, we were actually able to sit out and sunbathe in swimwear!!! Crazy I know.

Making Eccles cakes! So yummyyy

I found the most hilarious app :') Sian as a cat...

Top left:Dinner date with some of the besties at a local Thai resturant.
Bottom left: Alice being Alice :')
Right: This picture of my friend Lauren cracks me up every time!! Love her long feet!

The best thing to come back to after a long morning at work! I am OBSESSED with Strawberries and Raspberries at the moment!!

I'm hoping to do more of these 'Life Recently' posts because it gives me a chance to actually put the random pictures I take during the week into use instead of  them just lying static on my phone or laptop!

I'm off on a bike ride tomorrow with my girls and then to the Zoo with my little cousins on Friday so maybe I will get a picture post up about them!
Life is so busy at the moment, but I like it. Waking up and having so much ahead of me is kind of exciting and it feels like I am actually doing something with my holidays instead of hanging around and sleeping like I would usually do :')

"To fill the hour -- that is happiness." 
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Megan x

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