Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What's another word for thesaurus?

(random blog name I know but it made me giggle as it's the type of ironic questions I stupidly ask'

 Tomorrow is my first day back to college since summer and I thought I was excited to start back again.
I mean don't get me wrong I am kind of excited to be doing more productive things towards my future and it will be quite nice to get back into a defined routine rather than being all over the place with plans.
However in a way, this year of college is really going to require a whole lot of work, commitment and probably stress.
 I regret not doing as much as I should of last year and now that I look back I can see how much easier I could have made it for myself this year if I had just taken year 12 that bit more serious.
I wasn't awful last year as I did really up my game towards the beginning of exams and managed to bag myself an A in my History overall for AS which I was so pumped about!!
However I know I can do so much better overall in my AS's as I managed to get decent enough grades without as much effort as I know I can put in.
I think I am going to have to take this on as encouragement for this year and know that if I put in the amount of effort I did at the end of my studies in year 12, into my studies this year from the beginning that I might be capable of getting those 3 A's that I so want to get!!!
So I am going to take on what I have learnt this year and work my butt off for those grades, whilst trying not to get too distracted by all the fun stuff going on like my 18th in exactly a month today, WOOOHOOO!

So here goes...Wish me luck!

Megan x

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