Thursday, 18 October 2012

Excuses, Excuses!

Scentsy wax warmer
 I feel like I have been really neglecting my blog recently, but life has just been so hectic!
I have still been reading the blogs I follow but I just haven't got around to sitting down and writing my own. My days at the moment have been filled with piled upon piles of Law and History homework, English Literature Coursework and not to mention trying to finish my personal statement and all of my UCAS so that I can send it off and have officially applied to University. ARGHHHHH! It sounds so scary that it all comes down to this.
So besides the times I am doing college work, working on university applications, going to work and trying to fit in socializing and my voluntary work, you can see where the time left for blogging or anything else for that matter is very limited.
I am hoping to do a few reviews soon of things I have recently bought as I am waiting on my purchase from Scentsy to arrive. I have an obsession with candles and all things that smell sweet so I have recently discovered Scentsy that has some amazing wax candle fragrances that you heat up in really cute warmers such as the one at the side.
I can't wait to try them out and fill my room and house with the amazing smells, as well as tell everyone about it. I swear my friends must get sick of me spending hours in any shop with candles going around sniffing them all. Its sad I know but I just love them!
I was also planning on doing a blog about my trip to London recently for my birthday which was such a good trip, as well as a book with me style post in a few Sunday's time when I cook a whole 3 course meal alone for my Mothers birthday. We shall see how that goes ahahah...
Hopefully the half term next week should give me some time, in between revising and working, to sit down and do a few posts as I feel like I am missing out on documenting all of the fun things that has happened over these past few months.
I WILL get some blogging done!

Megan x

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