Sunday, 11 November 2012

A series of photo dumping posts!

I recently found a load of photos I had taken throughout the summer and some from the past few months. I also got a few disposable cameras developed so I had the idea of just dumping them all on here in the form of a few photo posts. 
I apologise for the massive surge of photos but I just have to post them as they remind me of what a great summer I had and of how much I treasure my friends.
I am going to try and document more stuff like this as it's not long now until we are all going to be going off to uni and I want to make the most of the time I get to spend with my wonderful group of bezzies, as being so far away from them is going to be difficult. 
So the first photo dump post is photos from when we went on a cute little bike ride and picnic to a place near me called Beeston Marina. It's kind of just fields with a river that runs through the middle and if you walk down to the river side you can find these little beach type openings. Its a really cute place! 
We also happened to find a massive corn field so couldn't resist venturing through it!

The cute river side beach.

Some of the girlies (Sian and Stoney couldn't come on our bike ride :( )

I think Boz's turtle back pack is just too awesome!!

Takin' a dip

The massive corn field!
Katie's awesome shaun the sheep back pack. I swear my friends how the coolest bags going ;)

I treasure the beautiful summer days out with the most wonderful people in my life. I am truly blessed and thankful for what I have right now <3

(p.s some of the photos were from a disposable camera hence the blurriness in some of them and the difference in quality of the photos. The better quality ones were taken on my friend Alice's camera, some taken by her, some taken by me and some taken by my other friend Lauren!)

Megan x

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