Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Adela Heeled Chelsea Boots!

 I have been looking for some heeled chelsea boots for so long now that I had kind of given up all hope of finding any. I would always find a really nice pair and then find that the price would be crazy riduculous and I couldn't really justify spending that much money when I go through pairs of shoes so quickly! As I used to dance (ballet) my feet are really arched and I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet, meaning the sides of my shoes, side of the soles of my shoes and heels rub down really easily. It's kind of annoying but I guess it means I wont ever have problems with having flat feet? :D

That aside I was browsing on Google for Christmas present ideas when I noticed the Stylist Pick website. I went and had a little browse and saw some amazingly decent priced and looking heeled Chelsea boots! The boots I got are the Adela black heeled Chelsea boots. They are £35 at full price which I think is a great price as the cheapest ones I have found everywhere else are £60 (ones that are good quality and look nice) 
Another awesome thing about this was that I managed to get 25% off because it was my first purchase from the company! I don't know if they are still doing this 25% off your first order with them but if you are interested I would seriously consider having a look to see if they do. 
The delivery time was quick and I got my shoes within 3 days of ordering them, yet what I loved even more was how carefully packaged and presented they were. I always love it when a company has good presentation as it shows they actually care about the customer rather than just the money.

 Over all I am so happy with these boots! They are extremely comfortable to wear and I have found they are so easy to wear with, well, basically everything. I have worn them into town dressed up and they also look great with any casual outfit.
I am in LOVE with these boots, and I think Stylist Pick is now in my top favourite online stores!
Here's the link it you are interested :)

I thought this was so cute and love how much detail has gone into the presentation!

I love this! It's a little sticker of my purchase. How adorable is that, and so personal!

Yay boots!

Megan x

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