Friday, 2 November 2012

Ciaté Caviar Manicure Review!

 So recently I was browsing online looking for some new nail polish as I was running low on some of my current favourites and also wanted to try out some new colours for this season. 

I was on Superdrug and noticed an advisement at the top right hand corner of the webpage for something called Ciaté Caviar Manicure. It looked pretty cool from the small boxy advertisement so I clicked on it to see what this Caviar thing was.
The advertisement linked me to the Selfridges website (which is where you can get this product from) and a whole load of pretty looking bottles of nail varnish finished with little black bows came up on my screen. 
Now I am a sucker for any thing cute or girly looking so I was immediately drawn in. After looking over the nail polishes for a while I noticed that some of the 'Caviar' nail polish bottles seemed to have tiny little beads of all colours. I think a lot of people have heard of this brand and these beaded nail art things but I personally hadn't so it really excited me when I saw all these bottles of tiny colourful beads!
Now my first observations was my gosh these polishes are expensive with one pot of coloured varnish being £9.00 and if you wanted a polish and a pot of the little beads it was £18 and I wasn't really prepared to pay that much for 2 nail varnishes however pretty they were.

 However I came across the Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar which is a box of 8 pocket size versions of the varnishes. It includes 4 of what they call 'Paint pots' which is basically just a nail polish in different colours, and then 4 pots of the Caviar pearls. This all cost £20 which is nearly as much as two of the single pots would cost alone!
I jumped at this and immediately ordered myself a kit as I HAD to try this stuff out!!
I wasn't really expecting much of the size of the polishes as it seemed to me that this mini bar was more of a sample type product but that was fine with me as I just wanted to have a go!
Well when it came I was so surprised at how big they were. I mean they aren't normal nail polish size but they are only at most half the size, I have already used one of the paint pots a few times and it is still nearly full!
One thing I also really like about the kit is that it comes with this little funnel so when you sprinkle the beads over your wet nails you can get the left over beads back into the pot so you can use them another time.
Over all I was so impressed by the kit as it really outgrew my expectations on size and how well the product works, and for the price I think it is really reasonable for how much use I am going to get out of it all.
The box the kit comes in is also really pretty so I can see myself using it for something else after I have used up all of the nail products!

 I know there has been a bit of controversy with the Ciaté brand recently regarding nail polish bloggers which I think was a bit bad of the brand to start and I guess in a way attack bloggers who provide a great way to get a brand noticed and what not but my take on it is that its a good brand so I am going to buy the products! 

 So I thought I would add in some pictures I took of the nail kit. The quality isn't all that great as I took the pictures in a rush because I was so eager to try them out! Enjoy!!

I loved the pretty packaging it came in. I don't know why but well packaged and presented products always make me like them even more!

The layout inside. You can see that the polishes are really not that small at all considering they are called mini?!

The cute personal touch from the director of the brand, I think this just makes me like the product even more. It's the simple touches that make things stand out from the rest and I love that.

All of the different paint pots and pearls!

The cute little bow on the paint pots that got my attention to the products immediately! So adorable.

The pearl beads. 

I think these coloured pearls are going to be PERFECT for Christmas time! Would looks so festive under a red nail polish.

I apologize for the quality of this photo but it turns out I deleted the better quality one! But you get the idea of what it looks like!

Megan x


  1. I love these nail polishes!! The pearl beads are so cool! xox

    1. I know I am absolutely obsessed with the stuff! Making me more addicted to painting my nails now :') x