Sunday, 11 November 2012

Favourite Fall/Winter Style Trends.

 Hiya! :)
So I thought I would do a post on some of the clothing trend I am loving at the moment for this fall/winter. I can feel my Christmas wish list expanding by the minute!!

I really need to get someone to take some pictures of me in my own fall/winter clothes for some OOTD posts but so far I can't really see my little brother producing any decent photos with his lack of co-ordination :')

So I'm kind of obsessed with big jumpers at the moment, but I guess who isn't at this time of the year? 
I love throwing one on over some leggings or black jeans and I feel like I don't have to make a massive effort yet I look acceptably dressed for college!

I think a shirt under a jumper is so cute. Kind of geeky chi

Loving the Christmas print jumpers!

Knit style tops. I am also loving at the moment.

Loving Ombre at the moment also! I love the Ombre in the tights above as I think its a funky take on the design.
Can't go wrong with a pair of deep red jeans! I actually have this hat but in grey, it is oh so warm!

I love love love loveee peplum tops at the moment!

There's always time for a bit of leopard print and a denim jacket.

I love emblelished dresses around Christmas time

I think this is so pretty!

This is kind of a random thrown in but how cool is this dress?!?! aheheh Finding Nemo!
Woolly tights and heels...So adorable!

I am obsessed with Chelsea boots!

I've just ordered a similar pair of Chelsea boots to these but they have a bigger heal and the elastic bit is a brown colour :) I might do a post about them when they arrive!

Yay to Loafers!

I need a pair or Sperrys... pretty please Santa? :D
Hair, the bigger the better!!

Love the deep oxblood red forthis time of the year!

Need to find myself a pair of sparkly tights pronto for Christmas!! So cool!

So that was the trends and clothing that I am loving this season! I don't know about anyone else but I think that this time of the year is my favourite clothing wise.
I would love to see anyone else's blog post on what trend they are loving this season so if you have done something similar feel free to post a link in the comments and I will go check it out!! :)

(Disclaimer: None of these photos were taken by me. They are all images I have re-pinned on Pinterest so I do not own any rights to them.)

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