Sunday, 11 November 2012

Liebster Award!!

One of my lovely secondary school friends and wonderful talented blogger Taya  has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. I am not allowed to nominate her back as the rules state but if I could I would no doubt be nominating her! Make sure you check out her blog as it is one of my favourites to follow (and not just because she is a friend of mine!)
If you are here because I have nominated you check out the rules and have fun answering the questions as well as nominating the blogs that you love!


Here are my 11 facts about me!:
  • I have a candle obsession 
  • I want to become a legal adviser/executive for an international business 
  • I am extremely family oriented, couldn't live without the crazy lot 
  • I have one brother
  • I have a phobia of feet
  • I am obsessed with pugs!
  • One day I want to move over to Canada
  • My auntie is like a second mother to me
  • I could eat apples all day everyday
  • When people spell my name 'Meghan' it drives me insane!!!
  • I have the best group of girl friends I could ask for

Now on to the 11 questions Taya  has asked me; 

1. How would you describe your blog?
It's a mixture of everything to be honest. Random rambling about my life, reviews on products I have liked, fashion styles I like, nails... Just anything that has interested me and I feel like blogging about really!

2. When did you decide to start blogging?
Hmm I think it was a while ago now but I have only recently started to actually blog more ;often. I have only had a blog for under a year though so compared to most bloggers I haven't had one for long :p

3. What motivated you to start blogging?
I think it was because I was seeing how much my life was changing and how quick everything was passing by me. I wanted to have something to look back on when I am older and hopefully carry on so that I can document everything. I have always loved the though of being able to look back and see what I was doing at different points in my life a bit like you do when looking at baby pictures. I have always found it fascinating!

4. Est-ce que comprends Français? Si oui, tu est tres cool!
Ahahahah I do as I took French at GCSE and A Level although I did drop it this year as I could only pick 3 A levels and I was doing the worst in french ;) oopsss ahahaha
Français est une langue belle, je l'aime beaucoup. Il est dommage que je ne suis pas très bon dans ce domaine!

5. Do you have a favourite store/designer/place to shop?
I am constantly shopping on ASOS! I love how it has loads of different brands and you can find some really decent priced things on there. I also find the whole online shopping way easier! Plus with free delivery and returns you can really go wrong. I do also love Zara and of course Topshop!

6. If you could visit anywhere in the world... Where would it be?
Gosh there are so many places I would love to visit. I would say Canada again but I have already been there so I think probably China or anywhere in the far east! I love how different the culture is and I think it would be an amazing place to visit.

7. Where do you want to be in life in 10 years time?
Hopefully I see myself working as a legal executive/adviser in a company! I would love to be over in Canada by then but yeh I hope to have achieved my law degree and be practicing in law :D

8. Doo you know who Eliza Doolittle is? If not educate yourself!!! ;)
YES! Loved her at Splendour last year and have a few of her songs on my phone ;)

9. Sweets/Candy or Chocolate?
Chocolate all the way. I have to be in the mood for Sweets but I am always in the mood for chocolate!!

10. Do you think your blog expresses your personality?
Definitely. I always post my true feelings and never post things that I don't enjoy or what interests me. I have never understood in pretending to be something you are not so this blog should express me exactly! :)

11. (this question is in my profile random, the question part) If the world was underwater, would the word "wet" be in our vocabulary?
I think yes but wet wouldn't mean what we think of it to mean now. I think wet would mean dry ;)

So here are the questions that I ask you wonderful nominees!! :D 

1. What is one interesting fact about yourself? ( maybe a weird phobia or obsession you have?)
2. What inspired you to start blogging?
3. If you could only chose one item of clothing to wear forever what would it be?
4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time. or more realistically where would you like to see yourself?
5. How would you describe your blog?
6. Where is your favourite place to travel (or if you haven't traveled where would you like to travel?)
7. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?
8. What is your favourite store to shop at?
9. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
10. How would you best describe your style?
11. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?


  1. Thank you again for the nomination. I am cutting back on my blogging, though in the pursuit of writing a book. IE--I don't have time to answer the questions. Bad, bad, blogger. I am your latest follower though! And I loved your photos and clothing choices. Good luck with the award!

  2. Aww that is wonderful news, good luck on the book!
    Thank you so much, I always love reading your blog so I'm so glad you have enjoyed some of mine!