Wednesday, 28 November 2012

November Glossybox and Review

Today I got my first ever Glossybox, YAYY!
If you haven't heard of Glossybox you can find the website here, but it is basically a subscription service where you pay £10 for the box (plus p&p) a month for a box filled with 5 products that are popular or interesting at that moment in time.
 I was looking at signing up for a while but never really got around to it...from what I had been reading in blog posts and watching on YouTube it seemed people were generally pleased with the box and it seemed to be the best of the style boxes out there.
I got my November box today and I was really pleased and surprised with how good it was! The sizes of the products were really decent, they weren't all just tiny little testers that you can pick up for free from a store. Overall I just love the idea, the attention to detail with the packaging and how fun it is to get a surprise box of products each month. Its kind of something to look forward to and if you are really interested in trying new products you wouldn't have necessarily heard of or wanted to pay full price without testing first, its a great way to do it!
Another great thing about Glossybox is that on the little card that it comes with explaining all about the products, there are offer/vouchers such as codes to get 20% off your purchase with that specific brand or product. Personally I just love the whole idea!
Let me know if anyone has tried this box or other similar box brands and how you like/don't like them, I would love to know peoples experiences and any other boxes that are out there.

So here are some pictures of my November Glossybox! (I apologise for the awful photos but the lighting wasn't very good and I was in a rush to get to work)

I scribbled over my address and personal info as to be fair don't really want to put that all out on the internet for the world to see :') Love the pretty outer packaging!

Cute baby pink box that it all comes in. I can definitely see myself using this for storing things in my room as its so cute.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This is so cool, its like a powder that turns into a creamy paste when you put on wet skin. I've got to say I'm not crazy on the scent but the product is really gentle and does make your skin nice and smooth! :D The full size of this costs £38.50 for 75g, the one in the box is 13g.

Excuse my awful nails my varnish was chipping off so I started to pick at it D:
WEI instant lifting face treatment pad. I haven't actually tried this out yet but it seems like a pretty cool product. I think its kind of like a deep treatment face mask to hydrate and freshen your skin. In the box you get one pad but the original product is a 6 pack costing £55, so this one pad in the box costs just over £9 (nearly paying for the whole box itself!!!). To me that seems like a lot of money for what it is but I guess I can't really tell until I have actually used it. You never know it could make my skin look amazing after using it (highly doubt it my skin is awful!) 

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter. This stuff smells A-mazing!! It is made with organic mango and cocoa butters and I have got to say it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and smelling just wow! I love this soooo much . The size of this product in the box is 50ml and the full size product is 200ml costing £15. I would definitely pay that amount for this product just because of how effective and all round awesome this product is.

Dr.Jart+  BB beauty balm. This is kind of like a tinted moisturiser and is described to give a natural  bright application that prevents streaking when you sweat. I don't tend to have a problem with my foundation streaking due to sweat but I have heard people talking a lot about bb recently. It is a good tan colour that seems to even out to your skin tone when applied as it is quite thin and is super moisturising. I don't tend to like wearing thick foundation on my face and this product is perfect for helping me to hide blemishes on my skin. The full size product is 50ml and costs £18, the tester in the box is 15ml.

The last product in the box was a cute mini version of Nails Inc Kensington caviar line that has won the Sunday times style beauty award! I got the colour Notting Hill Gate and its a really vibrant hot pink colour (the awful lighting in the photo really doesn't show this) I love the consistency of this nail polish, its got really good pigmentation and you only really need two coats and you are good to go. The full version at 10ml is £11-£12 and the sampler in my box is 4ml. Although I loved this polish I don't know if I could justify spending over £10 on a nail polish? Not regularly at least... 

Overall I have been really pleased with my first Glossybox and can't wait for my next one!

Megan x

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