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Scentsy Review!

So recently I had seen a few Youtubers and Bloggers talking about Scentsy wax warmers and how amazing the scented wax bars you could get for them. I have an obsession with candles and all things that smell good so I decided to check out the website and see what these things were. 

  Well I kind of got drawn in by all the pretty warmers and amazing sounding scents they offered and I decided to go ahead and purchase some. The brand is American but they are available around Europe too. There are many Independent Scentsy representatives who look after you depending on the country or area you live in. There are tonnes of different Scentsy websites so each representative has their own that you can buy the products off ! (I will talk about the amazing representative I used later on in this post!)
In terms of the products I got, firstly I chose a Mid size wax warmer as I thought I should start small in case it didn't really work for me.
I figured I could always buy some more once I found out how they worked and how far around my house the scents stretched too as if one warmer does the job then I didn't see the point in buying more, unless for decoration which I will definitely find myself doing as they are all so pretty!

 I chose the Tilia Mid Size Scentsy warmer. (Only the first photo is my own. I own no rights to any of the other pictures not taken by myself)

Once I got my replacement through the post I turned it on immediately and it's so pretty!
 I loveee this one so much as I liked the effect of the bare winter tree as I think winter trees  can look really pretty. I also thought that this warmer fitted in with the colour theme and style of my house as most of the rooms in this house are very neutral with browns and then duck egg/light blue. My bedroom and living room is mainly blue and cream so I thought that this fitted really well. Plus I love the white vintage chic type style that this warmer fits perfectly into.

So what do you do with these warmers?
They get plugged into a normal 
electric socket in the wall or on an extension lead and inside are heating elements that warm up the wax you put on the dish at the top. These elements heats up the wax so it doesn't burn like a normal candle but the scent spreads around your house but much more of an intense smell rather than a waxy smell you can get with normal candles. It is super easy and means there isn't a risk of setting fire to anything if you leave it unattended as you go out of the room as there is no flame, its just like a lamp but with the added plus of amazing smells along with it! I also think its a great centre piece if you have friends or family round.
Scentsy have loads of different products including a personal care line and the most adorable stuffed toys for kids that you can put a scented pouch in! How adorable and genius is that?! 

So I will go through the scents that I have got this time around! I used the deal of 6 wax packs for £25 and you get to mix and match on whichever fragrances you like. It was so hard for me to narrow down my choice to only 6 scents as there are so many options and they all sound so good!!

Firstly I got apple press. I cannot even begin to describe how much I LOVE this scent! I knew that I would like this one when I saw it on the site as I have an obsession with all things apple flavored and scented. Yet this wax bar blew my mind with the way it smells. However weird this sounds the scent smells as if you can taste/smell the whole apple?! The skin, the flesh, it is just WOW. Sometimes you get apple scented products that smell very artificial and overly sweet, yet this product is just like an apple in a candle. As you can probably guess this is probably my favourite so far of the Scentsy scents.

 I saw the next Scent and instantly thought I had to get it, it is Christmas Cottage and seen as though it is Christmas coming up soon I thought what better way to get myself, my family or guests in the mood around Christmas than the smell of Christmas itself?! This wax bar is such a perfect scent that encompasses Christmas so perfectly. You can smell the oranges, the spices and particularly a distinct scent of cinnamon which I feel is perfect for the holiday season. I cannot wait to start burning this one around Christmas time when I'm watching a movie with the family.

 So another scent I got was Pima Cotton. This is such a fresh scent and I think it is going to come in perfect whenever the house has been cleaned or you need something refreshing and light around the house. The scent reminds me of clean clothes or sheets that have just come out of the wash, so as you can imagine it is a very clean and crisp scent. 

 I was recommended the next one which is Eskimo Kiss by a friend and a few Youtubers had reviewed it saying it was a must have so I thought I would give it a go. I really don't know how to describe this scent apart from that I love it! It is so fresh and sweet and I think it is a very wintry scent. It is described by Scentsy as 'Blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla and amber in a softly romantic scent' and I think this describes it perfectly. Such a great scent.

 Another one I ordered was Luna and a Youtuber I watch had recommended this in her top 5 of Scentsy scents. I also liked the description of this one and especially the fact it has Freesia in it as this scent is one of my favourites. Freesia reminds me of my grandparents and more specifically my grandma so I just LOVE anything with Freesia in it!
When I got my Scentsy package this is the first scent I opened and it did not disappoint! The scent in this bar just makes me think of my Grandma as soon as I smelt it and because of that it is such a comforting smell to me. The Freesia in this bar is so soft and beautiful, I can imagine this is going to be one of the bars that I buy time and time again. I would probably say this is my favourite out of them all (on par with Apple Press) for the fact that it reminds me of my Grandma so much.

 The last Scentsy bar I got was skinny dippin. This scent is probably my least favourite out of them all, but I still really like the scent! It is very sweet and the colour is so pretty, it's like a yellowy orange. I can imagine it to look really nice when being burned but I haven't had the chance to yet. I think this scent would be perfect to burn at the end of winter/beginning of spring as it is such a sweet and uplifting scent.

So that was my review on my first try of Scentsy and I will be definitely buying and trying more of it!
If you have heard of Scentsy but not got around to trying it or haven't heard of it before you should really got and check it out! Everyone loves a good scent and for their homes to smell nice and I really recommend this company as it is real value for money.

 The people involved in the brand are all lovely. As I mentioned before about the representative I used I will just do a quick shout out to the lovely lady that processed my order Rebecca Joyce. She was extremely helpful with everything and when I had problems with trying to figure out how to pay, postage prices and when a problem occurred with my  warmer she was just so helpful and friendly! 

It is a great community and Rebecca made me feel so comfortable and at ease when buying everything and not to mention the great community you become a part of when you start buying the products. She didn't bombard or pressure me into buying more products and deals that you can sometimes get when buying from certain brands, it just felt like I was talking to a friend. If you are going to buy Scentsy I strongly recommend that you buy through Rebecca, especially if you are a first time buyer as she makes you feel informed, comfortable and most importantly excited about your purchase! You can find Rebecca's Scentsy website at in where you can buy any of the products from. I always think when you have a good experience when buying a product it really represents the product as a whole and I think Rebecca is a great representative for the brand. I have also added a new page to the top of this blog that will link you directly to her Scentsy page.
I hope you liked my review and If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below. I hope you have fun trying out Scentsy!

If you missed the link to Rebecca's Scentsy website above here it is again:

Megan x


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