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December Glossybox and Review!

 I have been meaning to do a post on my December GlossyBox for agessss but with the Christmas holidays, with the Christmas rota at work meaning I was working 5 days out of 7 each week and trying to fit in college work and revision, time has been pretty sparse to sit down and write a blog post.

 I have only been subscribed to Glossybox for 2 months and so far I have received the November and December box. I am due to be receiving the January box anytime in the next few weeks, woo!
So far I have been sooooo impressed with Glossybox and it is proving a really fun way to try out new and different products I wouldn't have otherwise been able to find or be willing to pay a lot of money just to trial a product. 

 Well this months box did not disappoint and out of the two boxes I have got so far this is the best to date.
This months box was a different design to the normal pink one, it was a silver box and black packaging, I'm assuming it was because it was the Christmas box they like to switch it up a bit.

Still loving the boxes, I am currently using one to store my most used make up in on my dressing table and I think I am going to store any others to use to keep things in that I can't find a place for, just so everything is all sorted and compact. 

Different packaging inside, cute stars and silver ribbon :D

At first glance I was so blown away by how big all of the products were in this months box! Two full size products!!

The first product is a full size face wash by Ayuuri. I love this stuff and I am currently keeping it in the shower to use  to cleanse my face and as it is described to 'purify'. I got the Turmeric and Bergamot face wash which is tailored to blemished skin (so perfect for me, my skin is super blemished!) The full size is 200ml (this size was the size you received in the box) is £4.95 so is super affordable and effective!

This product has got to be my favourite out of them all, and I have already almost finished it because  I love it so much! It is Rituals Magic Touch whipped body cream. It is described to nourish and firm skin. Not only is this cream ultra moisturising, it smells absolutely amazing! I love the scent of Jasmine anyway but this just smells so luxurious. The 70ml  bottle that was in the box costs £5 and the full price is £15 so it is really well priced. I will definitely be repurchasing this product once I run out of the sampler.
If you price together the Ayuuri product and the Rituals product together they almost pay for the whole box itself!

The next sampler was a perfume sample of Mary Greenwell's Lemon Eau de parfum. Mary Greenwell is described in the pamphlet as being the most sought after and influential make up artist. In all honesty I hated the scent of this perfume but that isn't to say it is not a nice scent. I just personally hate lemon fragrances or any citrus fragrances all together. If you like lemon or citrus fragrances then I am sure you would LOVE this but for me it just smells so strongly of lemon it gave me a head ache :(

I do however love these little perfume sampler bottles as instead of the ones where you need to open a lid and dab it onto your skin, this is a spray which I think is so much more practical. You could pop it into your purse or bag and its a great on the go perfume, especially for a night out when you don't really want to be carrying a massive perfume bottle around!
The full size Lemon fragrance is 100ml and £90, the 50ml is £60 and the purse spray is £30. I don't think the product we received in the box was the actual purse spray so I am thinking you can get this sampler for free? 

The next product was a mini version of the Sleek true colour lipstick. I have heard a lot about Sleek and I was so pumped to be able to try out one of their products! They are described to flatter your skin tone and are vitamin E enriched.

I got the colour Candy Cane.

I don't know why but I have always wanted to get a mini lipstick. They are so adorable and I just think there is something so cute about a miniature lipstick! Plus they are really compact so won't take up a tonne of room in a small bag.
Here is a little swatch of the colour. I would describe it as a rosy pinkish red colour. I would never usually pick out this colour for myself and that is why I love Glossybox, it makes you try new things that are out of your comfort zone and surprisingly this colour actually looks really nice on!
The full size lipstick by Sleek cost $4.99 so a really great price for a great quality product. Inside the pamphlet it also included a discount code to receive 20% off Sleek products yayy everyone loves a discount code right?

The fourth product was a FULL SIZE Seche Nail Lacquer! I was soooooo excited to receive a full size nail product as I am addicted to nail polish. Seche nail lacquer is described as highly pigmented for one coat coverage, satin smooth application and dries quickly. 

I received the colour Rendezvous and I would describe it as a more softer fuchsia colour.

So I read the description and thought ppfttt one coat and fast drying, that has got to be an exaggeration. So many nail polish brands claim to be fast drying when actually they just dry on top and stay squishy underneath so they end up going all blotchy when you catch them on something. I tried out the polish and I was so amazed that only one coat of the polish was all I needed! The pigmentation is CRAZYY!! The picture above is the polish after using only one coat! It is ultra rich and amazingly it dried quicker than any polish I have ever used. It didn't just dry on top but I could poke the polish with my other nail and no indentation would appear. It is amazing. The full size product that I received is 14ml and costs £9.95. Although some people may consider that expensive for a  nail polish, the quality of this product makes the price totally justifiable! It is the perfect quick fix nail polish if you need to do your nails but have little time to wait for them to dry or do multiple coats. Love this product.

This month we also got a bonus product in the box! Yayyyy. It is Glossybox's own blusher. It is described as a colour intensive blush, velvety feeling and long lasting.

I believe everyone received the same colour? The colour is Glossy Rosewood. I forgot to take a swatch but the colour is really pretty and is soft and subtle on your skin. I love the rose type blush colours as I am really not a fan of extremely bright blushers. It doesn't include in the pamphlet about how much this product is but overall I really love this blusher!

Overall I loved the December box and I was amazed at how much I loved most of the products, not to mention the bonus product and having two full size products in one box! I can't wait to receive my January Glossybox, I can assure you I will be stalking the mailman for the next week or so aha ha ha!

Has anyone else subscribed or is thinking of subscribing to Glossybox? If anyone received the December Glossybox, what did you think of it?

Megan x

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