Tuesday, 22 January 2013

MUA addiction! Another MUA haul and review.

I recently made another purchase online with MUA and I am still so impressed with the quality of their products. I ordered on the Monday and my products arrived the next day, I was so shocked at how quick it all arrived considering it was just standard shipping and not next day delivery. The price was amazing value for money as always and there was again a deal on that when you spend over £8 you got 3 free gifts. I jumped at the chance and as I had my eye on one of their lipsticks and I needed to pick up a few other things, it was the perfect deal.

I purchased 5 products and then got 3 free gifts.

These are the 3 product I received and despite them being free gifts they were the same great quality that MUA products are known for.

Although the eye lashes are not really my thing (I don't wear fake eyelashes and if I did I feel these would be way over the top for me) I know of a few friends who would love these eyelashes!

  The MUA glitter nail polish is in Mermaid  and is such a pretty colour. It requires about 2 coats for it to look nice and pigmented but you could also get away with one coat if it is going over the top of another nail polish.

This is with 2 coats. Excuse the awful photo but I was working with bad lighting!

The lipgloss is in shade Too Much Fun. The finish is really smooth and it quite transparent with a hint of colour so it works really well over a multitude of lipstick colours. One thing I LOVE about the lipgloss is that the smell reminds me of Lush! Who doesn't want a lipgloss that smells like the inside of a Lush store?!

As you can see it is a very shiny, sheer lipgloss and the colour is really pretty.

The next few products are the things I bought. This is MUA's version of the Ciate velvet effect nails that use flocking. I really wanted to try out the velvet effect nails but didn't want to splash out on Ciate's price tag so when I saw what is essentially the same product but for £3 I had to get it. I got mine in the colour Fluff and Cuddles. I have tried this out and it works really well! I need to take some pictures and do a full on review but finding the time to do my nails at the moment as well as take pictures is proving to be quite difficult! Hopefully things will slow down with college soon (unlikely ahahhaha)

The next product I got was their matte perfect loose powder. I was really in need of some finishing powder to use after foundation and this stuff works perfectly. I got mine in colour translucent and it perfectly matches both my skin tone and the colour foundation I use. The finish is soft and matte yet but without drying out your face making it look powdery. I have seen a few people review this product and say it seems to stay on their skin very powdery and look thick but I haven't seemed to have this problem. A little goes a long way so for me it is the perfect loose powder. 

This is the powder without the inside lid on which has little holes to let small amount of the powder out.

The next two products are both lip products and are my favourite purchases from MUA to date. The first is another MUA lipstick in shade Bare and I am absolutely in love with this lipstick! Firstly I want to address something that I had no idea about until today. The end of the lipsticks have what look like a block of colour in which I though was simply for show to indicate what colour lipstick it is. Well if you twist it, it is actually a little pot of lipgloss in the same colour as the lipstick! How cool is that? Its more of a lipbalm/gloss but I just thought I would share it because I had no idea until someone told me today. I would describe it as a nude with a slight warm pink tinge to it. It is super creamy and goes so well onto lips, even better with the use of a lip brush. I have a Mac satin lipstick in Faux and I would say this is pretty similar in comparison despite this one being slightly more pink. I looovvee this lipstick!

This lipstick looks slightly more nude in pictures than it really is, the camera doesn't seem to be picking up the pink tones.

This lipgloss in shade Sealed with a Kiss and goes so well with the lipstick from above and again the camera doesn't seem to be picking up the pink tones. It is a similar nude with hints of warm pink and is basically the lipstick in gloss form yet slightly pinker. The consistency is super luxurious and so smooth, I don't think I have tried a more satin smooth gloss. It is very pigmented so you can even wear this gloss alone without lipstick as it has great colour coverage alone.

This is the lipstick and gloss both together, the left is just the lipstick and the right is the lipstick with the gloss over the top. As you can see they go perfectly together!

Last but not least is my first ever MUA palette! I got mine in the palette Undressed and they are pretty neutral tones. There is a mixtures of matte and shimmery eye shadows and they all have awesome pigment pay off. For only £4 I think this is amazing value for money as the eye-shadows are of such a high quality and in such beautiful colours. There are other palettes available so if neutrals aren't really your thing there are brighter palettes available. 

I apologies for the awful quality of the swatch photo, and the colours aren't in order as they appear in the palette but I was trying to get these pictures done quick! I swished my finger through the colour only once and this is the colour payoff, you get the idea of how pigmented they are with only one layer so once you apply them to your eyes and build up the colour it really does look beautiful.

Once again I was not disappointed with MUA and their awesome products and prices. I feel that MUA is such a good brand to pick up items when you don't want to part from too many of your pennies and at the same time get products that work well and are of such great quality. 

If you are interested in buying from MUA you can find them here, and I believe at the moment they have an offer on of if you spend £30 or over you get everything half price + free shipping! So in fact if you spent £30 you are getting £30 worth of products for only £15! It may sound like I am sponsored by MUA to write all this stuff but I assure you I am not, I am just soooo obsessed with this brand!!! 

Has anyone else tried MUA? How do you feel about the brand?

Megan x


  1. Wow, this is an amazing haul! The pallette looks amazing! :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much :) It really is and considering the price of it, it is such a steal! xx

  2. I love your posts/blog! I really want to try out the fur effect nails!
    I'm a new follower and if you wouldn't mind checking out my blog that would be greatly appreciated! xx

    1. Ahahah the fur effect nails are so fun!
      Awhh thank you so much for the follow! Just checked out your blog and I am loving it so I have just followed back :) Thanks again for checking out my blog and the follow xxx

  3. I really want to get that nail polish it looks so nice, how long does it last?x xx

    1. It actually last a really long time! It's not very rubbery like some polishes are so it doesn't peel off easily.
      When I go to work my nail varnish usual gets all chipped up but the MUA one held up really well, I got a tiny chip on my thumb and that was it! x