Friday, 11 January 2013

MUA Haul and Review!

 So finally I am going to do my MUA Haul and review! I have had all of the products for a while now but I wanted to try them all out a few times in order to give a truthful review and be able to tell people how they worked for me :) Also I have been super busy with exams, work, blah blah blah you know the drill :P

When I purchased from MUA there was a 40% off deal for all of MUA products (but I think excluding some of their brushes) and with this you would also receive 5 nail polishes for free! Crazy deal huh?
I ended up picking out 8 items and it all came to just under 10 pound!! MUA is a really good quality affordable brand and its definitely one of my new favourites for affordable cosmetics.

So here is a round up of what I received and how I feel about each product :)

This is a round up of all the products that I purchased and then the 5 free nail polishes!

So these are the 5 free nail polishes. They are all the nail quake aka nail crackle effect polishes. I have tried each of these out and they are really great quality and actually work! Because they were being given out free I kind of expected them to be a bit shitty to be honest. The consistency was perfect and not too liquidy like I expected. My favourite has to be the black just because you can pair it with any colour and I love how striking it is.
Shades from Left to Right: Jailbreak, Shiver, Broken Arrow, Quiver, Shattered Ice.

Excuse the black on my nail its from trying out the black nail quake!
So this kind of shocked me, I dropped the pink nail quake onto my bed with the other polishes, not even from a high height or with force at all, and this happened?! The top snapped off and the glass broke. I have never had this happen to a nail polish at all so I'm just thinking that they need to improve the thickness or quality of the bottle. And yes bright pink nail polish did go all over my lovely cream bed covers :( 

This is the liquid foundation, I got it in shade soft sand which I think is the lightest shade you can get. Yay for paleness! 
As you can see it compliments my milk bottle white skin perfectly :') I love the feel of this foundation, it is super silky and has a great coverage. It isn't too thin like a BB cream yet it isn't thick and cakey  which is something I can't stand when using a foundation. I hate the feeling that my skin can't breathe. A little goes a long way with this foundation so it is really great value for money. It costs £2 which is an ah-mazing price for such a good foundation!

The next product I got is the Hide and Conceal cover up stick.

I got this concealer in shade 1 which is light. It has amazing coverage over spots or blemishes. The only bad thing I have to say about this is that there isn't much actual concealer in the stick as expected, its kind of just half way full. But for £1 it really isn't that much of a problem!

This is the MUA Blusher in shade 4. 
Here is a swatch of the blusher and I can even explain how much I love this! It is the perfect bronze rose colour and it looks so natural when applied. I am not a big fan of bright in your face blusher as with my skin tone it tends to look odd, but this blusher adds just the right amount of colour wash to my face. For £1 it is an wonderful Blusher and the pigmentation is great.

So here is the MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde.

So here is what the pencil looks like swatched in the shade Blonde. I would describe this as a dirty blonde and it matched my roots really well. I have naturally really blonde hair but for some reason right at my roots it is a dirty blonde colour so this colour of pencil really works for my eyebrows. I also love that it comes with a eye brow brush on the end to help shape them. This pencil is £1 and again amazing value for money.

Next up is the 3 in 1 contour pen.

I got mine is shade Auburn. Its a reddish brown colour and is really pretty on.

You can use the different sides of the pen to create different thickness of lines as the pen is shaped in a rectangular way. You can get an extremely thick line, a medium and a very thin line for more precise lined eyes. I love this pen and its a great product to use for a more dressed up party look. Again for £1.50 you can't really go wrong!

This is the MUA felt eyeliner.

I got mine in shade Black. This liner is really great for a very precise line and the tip is nice and thin. My only complaint about this is that you have to do a few coats of this as the pigmentation is not as great as some other felt liners. After about 2 or 3 coats it is nice and dark but with only one coat it looks very thin in terms of pigmentation. Again an amazing price of £2.

This is the MUA intense colour lip liner. 
First of all my favourite thing about this lip liner is the convenient sharpener on the lid! This is such a cool idea as I am forever loosing my sharpeners and hate cross contaminating different products, like having to sharpen a lip liner with a sharpener that has been used on a black eye liner!! Arghh not a good luck. Also you will forever have a sharpener available for this liner and once you have used up the liner you can keep the lid and use it for future pencils.

I got the Lip Liner in shade Pink Me Up. The liner is super shiny and goes on nice and smooth to your lips. What I like about this is that it looks a lot more muted when applied to lips in comparison to the swatch, I was slightly worried it would be way to pink for my liking but it is really pretty when on. The only down side to this liner is the lack of shades available. There are only 4 shades so it would be quite hard to match up one of these liners to some shades of lipsticks or glosses. This lip liner is £1. 
My final purchase was the MUA lipstick.

I got mine in the shade Juicy, its kind of a coral colour with bases of nude.

I love this type of colour for lipsticks as I am not a fan of bright colours on my lips, they tend to wash me out a bit, especially red. The formula is really smooth and has a great pigmentation. I also love the range of shades they have on offer (15 in total) and there is a few shades I have been eyeing up! This only costs £1!!!

Over all I have been really pleased with the MUA products and the prices are CRAZYYY good!
I have just put in another order as I am in need of a new eye shadow palette and various other things but if you hurry you can get 3 free gifts with your order today until 5pm (I believe GMT time) when you spend £8 or more!! All you do is enter MUA45 at the checkout and you are good to go!  Go go goooo!

Has anyone else tried MUA, if so what do you think of it? Anyone tried any of the products mentioned in this post? 

Megan x


  1. Great post hun. Love the look of the blusher! Thanks for letting me know about the MUA offer thats on, would have missed that otherwise :) xx

    1. Awhhh thank you and no problem! :)
      By the way I love your blog, I'm a new follower but have spent all afternoon reading through your posts ahaha!
      Thank you for the follow back, it means a lot :)


  2. I'm SO gutted I've only just read this. I've not tried any MUA products yet but A definitely love that blusher and lipstick! I'm also not a fan of bright blusher. And is the lipstick matte? Lovely post :) x

    1. Awhhhh I know as soon as I saw it was running out at 5pm I was like I have to get it onto my blog so someone can see it!! They seem to do offers quite a lot so if I see any in the future I will definitely blog about it :)
      Yes the lipstick is matte but I have found it goes on much better if you do a quick exfoliate of your lips with a sugar scrub or something before you apply it as its quite a thick formula and will stick to any bits of uneven skin.

      Thank you it means a lot :) x

  3. oo i luv going on a MUA haul.. i have so many of their eyeshadow palettes and their £1 lipsticks are just great!I agree about them being really smooth :) x

    1. I know I have found myself constantly on their website!
      I have actually recently bought some more from them including an eye-shadow palette and I love it!!! It's so hard not to buy everything off their site ahaa.
      Loving your blog by the way and thanks for the follow it means a lot :)x

  4. I have that same foundation and i love it too!

    Just posted about an MUA Haul too! So check out my blog!