Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Scentsy Bars.

I wasn't sure if it was possible but my addiction to candles/scentsy has increased further.
I was planning on using up all of my previous Scentsy wax bars before I bought anymore but I went online and saw too many scents that I wanted. The trouble with being able to shop online... I end up spending way more money than I want to each month, Oops ;)
 So I ordered 6 more Scentsy bars, all in scents I hadn't yet tried and once again I am so pleased with them all and of course the customer service of the wonderful Scentsy consultant I use (you can find her website here)
If you haven't heard of Scentsy, they sell wonderful burners in which you can burn scented wax bars, and is an alternative to burning scented candles. Not only is it far safer than a candle, the scent throw from using wax bars is much more effective and fills your whole house with the wonderfully scented fragrances. 
Anyway, on to the 6 new scents I got...

As you can see they are extremely well sized bars and you only need to use one cube at a time which will last for around 10-12 hours so you can get the scent out of just one cube many times. Also a great thing about these wax bars is if you feel like switching up a fragrance but haven't used all of the scent out of it yet, you simple pour the melted wax back into the packaging and it will be ready to be used again!

So one of the scents I was really determined to try was the Pumpkin Roll. I have heard tonnes of great reviews about this bar and I purchased these bars in the middle of Autumn(Fall) so it was the perfect seasonal scent. It is described as Creamy Pumpkin pie filling surrounded with yellow cake (I'm assuming that means sponge cake?) pecans  butter and spice. That pretty much sums this scent up in a nutshell. It is sweat, rich and soooo yummy! It is the perfect fall scent.

Another scent I was wanting to find was an apple scent. I am obsessed with apple flavoured and scented things and I had already purchased the Apple Press Scentsy bar which if you haven't seem my other post is Ah-mazing! Well I don't know about anyone else but I am a sucker for some apple pie so once I saw this bar I had to have it. We're talking warm flaky pastry with a spicy apple filling in a candle. If that doesn't sound yummy to you I don't know what does?!

The Mochadoodle wax bar was a scent I had been recommended by a few people to try. I believe it is one of their best selling scents and is described as; delicious roasted coffee beans and cocoa, balanced with sugar, caramel and heavy cream. As you can guess from the description this is a scent for real chocolate and coffee lovers, in which I am. I have found this bar to be a great scent to heat when I am revising or doing college work as it is very strong so it helps too keep me alert as well as having a delectable smell drifting around my room.

Another scent in which I had heard a few people talking about is Central Park Pralines. I really love pecans and cinnamon so as soon as I read the description of this bar I knew I would love it. Described as A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel and cinnamon sugar. As you might be able to guess this scent is uber sweet but soooo lovely. I burnt this a lot around the end of autumn beginning of winter as I find it is the perfect warming scent for around the house. It is super rich so if you aren't a big fan of very rich scents you probably wouldn't find yourself liking this one.

On to a more softer scent, I picked up Enchanted Mist which includes scents of juicy apples, with rose petals and jasmine. As I mentioned this is a really soft and delicate scent so I love to burn it after I have tidied my room or having a bit of a chill. Its a very fresh scent and if you are a fan of more muted scents you will definitely love this one.

Last but definitely not least is my new all time favourite scent!!! Home sweet home which I believe has had a name change to my home? It is a super floraly scent which I absolutely love, I believe it is a mix of cinnamon and floral scents including jasmine. It is so sweet but not in an overpowering way. I really cant describe how amazing this smells but I am pretty sure this is a scent that anyone would absolutely love!

Although I say I am going to hold off from buying any more Scentsy for a while because I have enough to keep me going (wayyyy more than enough) I have a slight feeling you may be seeing another post in the near future...
But hay it is hard not to justify buying them, they all smell so good!

Has anyone tried Scentsy? If so what are your favourite scents?

Megan x

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