Thursday, 28 February 2013

I won a Sedona Lace brush set from Anna Saccone from TheStyleDiet!!

 Recently I entered a YouTube giveaway on Anna Saccone's YouTube channel TheStyleDiet. I am sure you will all have heard of Anna as she is a top beauty guru on YouTube and also has a daily vlog channel with her Husband on LeFloofTV, not to mention staring their adorable little baby Emilia and 6 dogs!! If you for some reason haven't heard of her (I'm sure almost every blogger has) you can find her blog here and her beauty YouTube channel here.
Anyway I entered her giveaway for the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush set from Sedona Lace which you can see here, and it retails for $49.95! They are amazing high quality brushes and is a well known brand. I entered on a whim not expecting to have a chance at winning at all but a few weeks after the giveaway ended I got a YouTube inbox from Anna telling me I had won!!! I was over the moon just to be getting an message from Anna as it was so I was so thrilled to hear I had won the giveaway. Anna was so sweet with her messages and I am very thankful.
I thought I would do a quick post on how I like the brushes and also say thank you to Anna for the giveaway and that I am grateful that I won!

First off the brushes came prettily packed and had protectors both on the handle and thick protectors on the bristles. I was also surprised to receive 4 little eye shadow samples in some beautiful colours as I was not aware it would come with them! Such a nice little touch.

The eye shadows are beautifully pigmented and have a lovely shimmer to them. I am looking forward to trying them out as I have never tried any of the makeup products from Sedona Lace before.

Excuse the mess of pink shadow everywhere but this one must have broken whilst it was being shipped! It still works perfectly fine and hey these things happen.

A gorgeous chocolate brown colour.

I know I am going to love this campaign colour for a base, I love soft cream colours for eye shadow.

As you can see apart from the blue the shadows are very sheer. I personally prefer more sheer eye shadow as then if I wan't to have an intense smoky eye I can build up the colour but for more casual looks it isn't too harsh. You can also see they have a beautiful shimmer to them that isn't a tacky glittery look that I don't care for.

First off I would just like to say how amazed I am at how soft these brushes are! I spent ages brushing them over my face when they first arrived because of how silky smooth they are and one of my best friends commented on how amazingly soft they are ahahaha! You can definitely tell how good a quality they are.

 The first brush in the set is the Kabuki Brush which is perfect for blending. This works so well when softening my blusher and bronzer once it is applied. It smooths and blends both products out perfectly so that it gives my face a really natural glow rather than noticeable lines of colour.

The next brush is the Synthetic Flat Top 928 brush. This is a perfect brush to apply foundation with, be it liquid or powder foundation. It is sturdy so that applying foundation is effortless and it makes my foundation blend into my skin much better than a regular foundation brush. It also makes applying foundation super quick.

Next is the Synthetic Round Top 480 brush. This is also good for applying foundation but I actually find it works really well for highlighting my cheeks with a highlighter and also for brightening up around my eyes as the round shape of it works perfectly at softening.

Finally is my favourite brush purely because I have been wanting an angled brush for ages! This is the Synthetic Angle Top 602 Brush. This brush is PERFECT for contouring the face as it reaches all the right places you want your bronzer to reach. It makes for great precision when applying bronzer or blush as it makes it so much easier to create the shape you want. I am so glad I now have an angled brush in my collection, I definitely think it is a must have.

I am beyond amazed by these brushes and I am so thankful and thrilled that I won this giveaway. These are the best brushes I have ever used and are definitely my new favourite brand of brush. I am so thankful to Anna for giving me the chance to own these brushes, they are my prized possessions on my make up table ahahaa!

Do you own any Sedona Lace products? Do you have any of these brushes, if so what do you think of them/it?

Have a wonderful day :) 

Megan x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Collective Haul!!

Heyyyy :)
I thought it would be a nice idea to do a big collective haul of all of the things I have purchased post Christmas. I have had time to use all of the products/items so I can make some recommendations to anyone interested!

 I feel I have been slacking on posting recently but the good old 'busy with college work' excuse comes into play again, but really it is true! I have had 3 separate pieces of coursework to do and a whole EPQ project of 5,000 words plus a whole folder showing planning all to be done by the end of March, along with trying to get a head start on exam prep etc etc etccccc! Arghhh I have got to say I am looking forward to my summer more than ever and I will definitely be making the most of an exam free month or two before the stresses of University starts!
Anyway, going back to the haul, its a pretty extensive one but I had a nice pay check after doing a load of overtime at work over Christmas and these products/items were bought over a couple of months so I don't think its too much of a spending splurge.

I have been wanting to take the plunge and get a Mac lipstick for a while now but I have never really had the courage to go into the extremely small and always packed store in my city. I find the masses of make up pretty daunting and last time I attempted to go in I felt completely overwhelmed as the shop assistants assumed that I knew a whole lot about mac products and started throwing various products at me, argh!
Well, my first ever Mac product is a satin lipstick in the shade faux and I absolutely love it. For £14 I can't see myself regularly buying mac lipsticks but as an occasional splurge I might experiment with some other shades.

I am quite a big fan of nudes, nude pinks and mauve type colours so naturally I picked a nude colour with hints of pink. This is colour Faux in the satin lipstick.

In this swatch it looks very brown and shimmery however when it is applied to your lips it has a more flushed pink look to it and is much more matte, especially when you build it up. I have been finding that using a lip brush to apply the lipstick works so much better and makes the coverage much more even and soft looking. I have got to say this is one of my new favourite lipsticks!

It wouldn't be a shopping spree without taking a trip to lush. I hadn't actually purchased anything from lush in ages and recently I also picked up the Popcorn lip-scrub, soooo yummyyyy. Anyway I wanted something of decent size to use a few times in the bath as it was early January and exams were fast approaching. I always find it relaxing to have a bath the night before an exam to unwind and prepare me for a good nights sleep.

So I decided to get The Comforter bubble bar (apologies for the picture of only half the bar but I had actually used it twice already when I took the picture) I figured because of the size of the bar it would be perfect for me to be able to make it last over a few baths and it really does. You only really need at most a quarter of the bar and you are good to go. The fragrance reminds me of bubblegum and it turns your bath a pretty pink colour. I can see myself picking up another bar when I run out!

This next product was kind of an impulse buy. I was in need of some cheap-ish everyday perfume as I tend to use my favourite and more expensive perfumes for weekends and special occasions. Well I popped into boots after work as I had some time to kill before my bus came and saw that there was still some perfume gift boxes left over from Christmas and I had to snap one up. I tried out the Kate by Kate Moss perfume and it smelt amazing so for a large scented body cream and 30ml bottle of the perfume for £14 I had to get it! I got this towards the end of the 1st week in January and I still have half of the perfume left after using it almost every day since and more than half of the cream left after using that at least once a week! Definitely worth it and I recommend checking out the gift section of the perfume isle after Christmas as there tends to be some great steals!

The Kate by Kate Moss perfume is described as old English vintage style and elegant, smoky floral notes of orange blossom and pink pepper transform into a mix of rose, peony and lily. Base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and musk help to create this sophisticated and seductive fragrance. It is basically a very floral scent but not too overpowering. It is sweat and I absolutely love it.

Another perfume I got is Flora by Gucci Eau De Parfume and this was actually a gift from my step-dad for Christmas but I had to add it in because I love it soooo much! I have been wanting this perfume for absolutely ages and was so thrilled when I opened it on Christmas morning. Although it is pretty pricey being around £53 for 50ml in Boots but I think this is just such a timeless fragrance.

Flora is described as being Inspired by Gucci's iconic Flora pattern, this original, feminine fragrance is faithfully rooted in the Italian fashion houses's glamorous past. This fragrance is rooted in a floral olfactory world, yet its construction offers something unusual and compelling. It's core is composed of Rose and Osmanthus flowers, originating from China. These two flowers offer an unconventional signature that differentiates from other florals. It is definitely a different floral from any others I have tried, it has a clean, fresh tone to it yet is wonderfully sweet.

This next item is a late Christmas present from my cousin and I have no idea how he knew my weakness for anything nice smelling or bath bombs! This is a selection of 6 bath products from bomb cosmetics and they all smell so beautiful. They seem very fresh and I love how they are presented with the little cupcake wrappers and dried petals! They are wonderfully moisturising and smell wonderful.

I had heard a lot of people raving about the Kate Moss lipstick line with Rimmel and I thought I should give it a go. I chose shade Rossetto and it is a coral pink colour. The formula is really moisturising and I love the way it looks on my lips. Super even and soft. I have no complaints about this product and I really recommend giving this line a go, there are tonnes of really beautiful colours!

At the same time as picking up the Kate Moss Lipstick I also got a Rimmel exaggerate full colour lip liner in 063 East end snob. It is a pretty neutral colour, I would describe it as mauve, having slight hints of nude pink. The picture makes it look much more brown than it actually is. This works perfectly under my Mac lipstick, but even alone it is a great colour to wear as a lipstick with some gloss over it.

My mum ordered me a mauve pink Glaze Wear Shine lip-gloss from Avon as there was a deal on and she thought I would like this colour which is in Tickled Pink. Well she was right, it is the perfect colour for me  and goes really well with most of my lipstick collection considering I stick to mainly pinkey nude colours. It has a really smooth consistency, not sticky and isn't too shiny.

Here is the swatches of the 3 lip products above. The lighting was pretty bad so the colours look slightly different to what they really are. From left to right: Avon lip-gloss, Rimmel Lip-liner, Kate Moss Lipstick by Rimmel. The lip liner looks wayyy browner than it really is and the Kate lipstick is more pink.

I also went on a little shopping date with one of my best friends Lauren and was in search of a new bronzer. I saw this Rimmel Match Perfect Bronzer and though it would be the perfect colour as it is not too orange, something which really does not compliment my extremely white skin tone! It is a really build-able colour and adds the perfect colouring and tone to my face.

I was also in desperate need of some new basic flats for work and college and when I saw these in Primark I had to get them. I love the loafer type style and I think the studs give an edge to the soft pretty nude of the shoe. I thought the nude colour would be the best colour to go with as it goes with pretty much any outfit. They are super comfortable but are not the strongest of shoes so I wouldn't reccomend using these for a tonne of walking or for wearing in the rain/snow.

The next item is a pretty lace top from H&M in the sale. It is slightly too big for me but I wear it with a belt where it gathers at the waist and it looks fine. I love the lace detail on the front and as capped shoulders, I think it is just super feminine and pretty. I feel like I could dress it up for work and also wear it with a pair of jeans. I can't actually remember how much it was but being in the sale it was definitely under £10.

The next two items were bought for my brother for his birthday! He turned 12 on the 11th January and he wanted a new flat peak and asked me to pick him out a new top.
I got the flat peak New York hat from River Island for I believe £7? and he absolutely loved it.

I then bought him this top also from River Island (can't remember the price!) and it came with some metal bracelets. My brother really likes the Aztec print and I though these colours were perfect. We found that River Island Kids tops tend to come up quite long, at least this style did anyway, but Alex didn't seem to mind.

Here's my goof of a brother modelling his new attire! Aha ha ha!

I hope you enjoyed that haul and if you have tried any of these products, let me know what you thought of them.
I am currently trying to get healthier and in shape for summer, as everyone wants to look their best in their bikini right? Well I was thinking of doing some posts about it all, like my exercise plan, meal ideas and generally how it is going. I think it will really help to keep me on track and more committed to the regime and also might be interesting/helpful for people to read. What do you think?

Hope you all have all had a lovely day! :) 

Megan x

Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Glossybox!

 I know this post is uuuubberr late and my Feburary Glossybox will be on it's way soon but I received this box when I was mid way through my exams and really didn't have the time to sit down and review it. Also I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to actually try out the products to give my honest opinion before I did a post about it.

The theme of the January Glossybox was detox and although it is a really cool theme for the post Christmas season, I was really disappointed with this box in comparison to the past 2 I have received.
I wasn't so disappointed with the box that I was thinking of unsubscribing because in all reality you aren't always going to be completely blown away by each box and it was still really fun to try out the products despite the size of them.
As always it came beautifully packaged, one of the traits I love about Glossybox, and came with the usual leaflet describing the products and various discount codes.

So here is what the contents of the box looks like altogether and the leaflet stuffed at the back.

The month of January again featured a bonus 6th item and it was Glossybox's own sleep mask. Although this is a really cool product I am not an avid user of sleep masks and really can't see myself using this product apart from maybe if I am having to travel anywhere of a long distance away. Despite that it is of really good quality and silky smooth so I can imagine is comfortable to wear!

The next product is Sanctuary Spa thermal transformation mask. I have a few Sanctuary products myself and I really love this brand. They make wonderful bubble bath and shower gel. I think this is basically a face mask that is supposed to firm and smooth your skin. I enjoyed using this product and it is a great pampering product however because it is only a little sample you can't see the supposed firming and smoothening results as it explains in the booklet that are visible after 4 weeks of use. Obviously this sample will not last for 4 weeks of use but from the small sample I tried it was a very luxurious face mask. It says in the booklet that the full size costs £27.50 but it doesn't clarify whether step one and two come together or if they are seperate but linked products costing £27.50 each. I have no idea, does anyone happen to know?

The next product was a sample of the latest Lacoste perfume Eau de Lacoste. I am so glad that I got this perfume as a sample as I absolutely looooveee the scent! I would never have tried Lacoste if I was browsing for a perfume so I am so glad I got a sample in this box. I think I may have to go out and buy this at some point. I do wish the bottle could have had the spray top to make it easier to apply but that's not a massive problem. It is quite a delicate flowery scent, which is the type of perfume I go for, and is a very subtle and soft fragrance. The full size of 90ml costs £61 and the 30ml is £33 so it isn't that cheap but I think it is well worth it. 

The next product, I am not going to lie I wasn't too impressed with. I know that Murad is quite a good brand but this just really didn't do much for me. Firstly I was kind of shocked with how small the sample size was. The box it comes in makes you think it is going to be a decent sized sample, but in reality when you get the pot out of the box it is teeeenyy. As you can see from the pictures below, it is not bigger than a 50p coin! Asides from that this is an eye moistener to hydrate the delicate skin around your eye. I'll give it credit that it did make the skin around my eyes feel smooth but it stung like hell!!! Considering it described the skin around the eyes on the description as delicate the fact that it started to sting my skin and eyes is quite shocking to me. I do have quite sensitive skin anyway so this might not happen to everyone but considering it is an eye cream, you expect it to be extra sensitive. Even if I was blown away by this product I really don't think I would pay the price of £57 for only 15ml. Yes it made my skin feel soft for a bit, but it really wasn't any better than a standard eye cream you can buy for more than half the price.

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo but the shiny bottle was bouncing the light and I couldn't get it not to blur! (I really need to improve my photo taking skills!)
This product is the Monu Micro Exfoliant, and I have heard wonderful things about the brand Monu so I was excited to be able to try something from their range. It smells pleasant (I don't know if it has lavender in it but to me it definitely smells of lavender) and is super luxurious to touch. It worked well and make my skin feel smooth after using it so I really don't have any complaints. It is super affordable at £14.50 for 100ml and I think it is a great exfoliant to use regularly.

The last product I received  is the BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder. Again I was so disappointed with the size of this product. It is soooo teeny that I cant even fit my powder brush in to even apply it to my face. I don't understand the logic in that? Also when you open it up and push your finger into the powder you can tell there is hardly any product at all as it seems like it has been lightly dusted into the pot to fill it up yet using as little product as possible. This really annoyed me as I don't feel like there is enough product in there for me to even be able to tell if I like it enough to buy it or not. From dabbing a bit on to my hand it is definitely dewy so anyone who has oily skin would definitely want to stay away from this product. It has a shimmer to it and I do love how soft it feels on the skin. I'm sure I would like this product a lot more if I was able to actually try it out properly but with the size of it I really haven't been able to get full use out of it enough to tell how good it really is. The full size of 4g is £8 so is a decent price for a finishing powder. It was just let down by the size really.

Over all the quality of the products in the January box were good but the size of the samples really let it down. I feel like most of the samples were ones I could pick up for free just from going into my local store so I don't see where the value for money is coming from for this box. I still really love Glossybox and I am just classing January's box as a bit of a blip.

If you are subscribed to Glossybox what did you get in your January box? Were you happy with what you received?

Megan x