Thursday, 28 February 2013

I won a Sedona Lace brush set from Anna Saccone from TheStyleDiet!!

 Recently I entered a YouTube giveaway on Anna Saccone's YouTube channel TheStyleDiet. I am sure you will all have heard of Anna as she is a top beauty guru on YouTube and also has a daily vlog channel with her Husband on LeFloofTV, not to mention staring their adorable little baby Emilia and 6 dogs!! If you for some reason haven't heard of her (I'm sure almost every blogger has) you can find her blog here and her beauty YouTube channel here.
Anyway I entered her giveaway for the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush set from Sedona Lace which you can see here, and it retails for $49.95! They are amazing high quality brushes and is a well known brand. I entered on a whim not expecting to have a chance at winning at all but a few weeks after the giveaway ended I got a YouTube inbox from Anna telling me I had won!!! I was over the moon just to be getting an message from Anna as it was so I was so thrilled to hear I had won the giveaway. Anna was so sweet with her messages and I am very thankful.
I thought I would do a quick post on how I like the brushes and also say thank you to Anna for the giveaway and that I am grateful that I won!

First off the brushes came prettily packed and had protectors both on the handle and thick protectors on the bristles. I was also surprised to receive 4 little eye shadow samples in some beautiful colours as I was not aware it would come with them! Such a nice little touch.

The eye shadows are beautifully pigmented and have a lovely shimmer to them. I am looking forward to trying them out as I have never tried any of the makeup products from Sedona Lace before.

Excuse the mess of pink shadow everywhere but this one must have broken whilst it was being shipped! It still works perfectly fine and hey these things happen.

A gorgeous chocolate brown colour.

I know I am going to love this campaign colour for a base, I love soft cream colours for eye shadow.

As you can see apart from the blue the shadows are very sheer. I personally prefer more sheer eye shadow as then if I wan't to have an intense smoky eye I can build up the colour but for more casual looks it isn't too harsh. You can also see they have a beautiful shimmer to them that isn't a tacky glittery look that I don't care for.

First off I would just like to say how amazed I am at how soft these brushes are! I spent ages brushing them over my face when they first arrived because of how silky smooth they are and one of my best friends commented on how amazingly soft they are ahahaha! You can definitely tell how good a quality they are.

 The first brush in the set is the Kabuki Brush which is perfect for blending. This works so well when softening my blusher and bronzer once it is applied. It smooths and blends both products out perfectly so that it gives my face a really natural glow rather than noticeable lines of colour.

The next brush is the Synthetic Flat Top 928 brush. This is a perfect brush to apply foundation with, be it liquid or powder foundation. It is sturdy so that applying foundation is effortless and it makes my foundation blend into my skin much better than a regular foundation brush. It also makes applying foundation super quick.

Next is the Synthetic Round Top 480 brush. This is also good for applying foundation but I actually find it works really well for highlighting my cheeks with a highlighter and also for brightening up around my eyes as the round shape of it works perfectly at softening.

Finally is my favourite brush purely because I have been wanting an angled brush for ages! This is the Synthetic Angle Top 602 Brush. This brush is PERFECT for contouring the face as it reaches all the right places you want your bronzer to reach. It makes for great precision when applying bronzer or blush as it makes it so much easier to create the shape you want. I am so glad I now have an angled brush in my collection, I definitely think it is a must have.

I am beyond amazed by these brushes and I am so thankful and thrilled that I won this giveaway. These are the best brushes I have ever used and are definitely my new favourite brand of brush. I am so thankful to Anna for giving me the chance to own these brushes, they are my prized possessions on my make up table ahahaa!

Do you own any Sedona Lace products? Do you have any of these brushes, if so what do you think of them/it?

Have a wonderful day :) 

Megan x

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