Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Glossybox!

 I know this post is uuuubberr late and my Feburary Glossybox will be on it's way soon but I received this box when I was mid way through my exams and really didn't have the time to sit down and review it. Also I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to actually try out the products to give my honest opinion before I did a post about it.

The theme of the January Glossybox was detox and although it is a really cool theme for the post Christmas season, I was really disappointed with this box in comparison to the past 2 I have received.
I wasn't so disappointed with the box that I was thinking of unsubscribing because in all reality you aren't always going to be completely blown away by each box and it was still really fun to try out the products despite the size of them.
As always it came beautifully packaged, one of the traits I love about Glossybox, and came with the usual leaflet describing the products and various discount codes.

So here is what the contents of the box looks like altogether and the leaflet stuffed at the back.

The month of January again featured a bonus 6th item and it was Glossybox's own sleep mask. Although this is a really cool product I am not an avid user of sleep masks and really can't see myself using this product apart from maybe if I am having to travel anywhere of a long distance away. Despite that it is of really good quality and silky smooth so I can imagine is comfortable to wear!

The next product is Sanctuary Spa thermal transformation mask. I have a few Sanctuary products myself and I really love this brand. They make wonderful bubble bath and shower gel. I think this is basically a face mask that is supposed to firm and smooth your skin. I enjoyed using this product and it is a great pampering product however because it is only a little sample you can't see the supposed firming and smoothening results as it explains in the booklet that are visible after 4 weeks of use. Obviously this sample will not last for 4 weeks of use but from the small sample I tried it was a very luxurious face mask. It says in the booklet that the full size costs £27.50 but it doesn't clarify whether step one and two come together or if they are seperate but linked products costing £27.50 each. I have no idea, does anyone happen to know?

The next product was a sample of the latest Lacoste perfume Eau de Lacoste. I am so glad that I got this perfume as a sample as I absolutely looooveee the scent! I would never have tried Lacoste if I was browsing for a perfume so I am so glad I got a sample in this box. I think I may have to go out and buy this at some point. I do wish the bottle could have had the spray top to make it easier to apply but that's not a massive problem. It is quite a delicate flowery scent, which is the type of perfume I go for, and is a very subtle and soft fragrance. The full size of 90ml costs £61 and the 30ml is £33 so it isn't that cheap but I think it is well worth it. 

The next product, I am not going to lie I wasn't too impressed with. I know that Murad is quite a good brand but this just really didn't do much for me. Firstly I was kind of shocked with how small the sample size was. The box it comes in makes you think it is going to be a decent sized sample, but in reality when you get the pot out of the box it is teeeenyy. As you can see from the pictures below, it is not bigger than a 50p coin! Asides from that this is an eye moistener to hydrate the delicate skin around your eye. I'll give it credit that it did make the skin around my eyes feel smooth but it stung like hell!!! Considering it described the skin around the eyes on the description as delicate the fact that it started to sting my skin and eyes is quite shocking to me. I do have quite sensitive skin anyway so this might not happen to everyone but considering it is an eye cream, you expect it to be extra sensitive. Even if I was blown away by this product I really don't think I would pay the price of £57 for only 15ml. Yes it made my skin feel soft for a bit, but it really wasn't any better than a standard eye cream you can buy for more than half the price.

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo but the shiny bottle was bouncing the light and I couldn't get it not to blur! (I really need to improve my photo taking skills!)
This product is the Monu Micro Exfoliant, and I have heard wonderful things about the brand Monu so I was excited to be able to try something from their range. It smells pleasant (I don't know if it has lavender in it but to me it definitely smells of lavender) and is super luxurious to touch. It worked well and make my skin feel smooth after using it so I really don't have any complaints. It is super affordable at £14.50 for 100ml and I think it is a great exfoliant to use regularly.

The last product I received  is the BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder. Again I was so disappointed with the size of this product. It is soooo teeny that I cant even fit my powder brush in to even apply it to my face. I don't understand the logic in that? Also when you open it up and push your finger into the powder you can tell there is hardly any product at all as it seems like it has been lightly dusted into the pot to fill it up yet using as little product as possible. This really annoyed me as I don't feel like there is enough product in there for me to even be able to tell if I like it enough to buy it or not. From dabbing a bit on to my hand it is definitely dewy so anyone who has oily skin would definitely want to stay away from this product. It has a shimmer to it and I do love how soft it feels on the skin. I'm sure I would like this product a lot more if I was able to actually try it out properly but with the size of it I really haven't been able to get full use out of it enough to tell how good it really is. The full size of 4g is £8 so is a decent price for a finishing powder. It was just let down by the size really.

Over all the quality of the products in the January box were good but the size of the samples really let it down. I feel like most of the samples were ones I could pick up for free just from going into my local store so I don't see where the value for money is coming from for this box. I still really love Glossybox and I am just classing January's box as a bit of a blip.

If you are subscribed to Glossybox what did you get in your January box? Were you happy with what you received?

Megan x


  1. glossy boxes are so cute! full of treats!! love this post!! <3 <3

    1. I know it is so fun, it's like getting a present every month :D
      Thanks for the follow by the way, I have just checked out your blog and followed back :) x

  2. I gave try this glossy box, cos I've never taken it.
    What do you think abt it? ;>
    Do you wanna follow each other? ;>

    1. Yeah I think Glossybox is so fun! Even though I was slightly disapointed with the January box it is definetly worth the money :)
      Sure, I have just followed you now :D x