Monday, 25 March 2013

Go enter Jenni My Style's giveaway!

The wonderful Jenni at Jenni My Style has just reached 100 followers and therefore to celebrate she is holding her first giveaway!

It is as a thank you to her readers and is an international giveaway, woo!
Jenni is giving away some wonderful prizes and you could win:
 - Soap & Glory's The Scrub Of Your Life Smoothing Body Scrub 200ml 

- MUA Immaculate Collection eyeshadow pallete 
Burt's Bees Basics
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor sachet
2x Models Own WAH Nails Stripes Wraps 

 I don't know about you but to me they sound like really great prizes! All you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter form on her blog that you can find here and you'll be in with a chance to win :)
Even if you aren't into entering giveaways (which to that I say why the hell not?! ahaha) be sure to go and check Jenni out and follow her blog if you like what you see as she is really deserving of all the followers she gets!

On that note I wish you all lots of luck and hope you have a nice day :)
Megan x

Friday, 15 March 2013

March Glossybox 2013!

For this month I got my Glossybox free due to collecting enough Glossydots to be given a free box, yayyy!
If you aren't very familiar with Glossybox, after every box you are given the chance to fill out small surveys about the products you have received and Glossybox in general. With every survey you complete you get rewarded with Glossydots (around 300 Glossydots per survey and once you have collected enough (1000 to be exact) you get the next months box free! So far I have received 5 glossy box's including march's free box so it only took paying for 4 months boxes to get a free one! The surveys aren't a pain to do and I actually enjoy filling them out as I get to voice my opinion on what I was or was not happy with in my box.

Anyway on to the box...

The theme of this months Glossybox was City Chic and I don't know about anyone else but I loved this theme as well as the products they sent!
As always it came with the leaflet describing the products inside the box yet this month we got an extra little book which I'm not sure if it is being classed as a 6th product, but either way it is really cute.

As you can see it is called my little travelling book and it contains a two page spread of information about different counties such as places to eat and a little description of the destination. It also has key information such as the calling code, the currency and internet TLD (eg .com .fr) It has a small little note section and some stickers (wooo everyone loves stickers)
I especially love how it includes a section on Germany as I will be visiting Berlin in summer and this page is focused on Berlin! I would have loved if it had included a page on Greece as I am also going there this summer but it does have a good collection of lots of different destinations. I love this little extra as it is so different and I love things like this.

How cute is that?! I love the layout and just how visually attractive it all looks!

The first product I received was the Juicy Couture, Couture La La. As I say almost every time I receive a perfume sample, unlike most people I love getting them! I have been wanting to try some of Juicy Couture's perfumes for a while now as they are pretty pricey perfumes I wanted to see if they are really worth the price. Couture La La is a floral scent with base notes of woods and musk. It is a really sophisticated and luxurious scent and I can definitely imagine it being perfect for night time antics and special occasions. Although I do really like this fragrance I don't think I would run out and purchase it as there are so many other perfumes I like better and would love to get my paws on!! The full size of 100ml is £63 so not crazily expensive as perfume goes but expensive enough ha ha.

 Next up is a Nails inc nail polish! I absolutely love receiving nail polish as I am a self confessed nail polish fiend! As many people know nails inc is a high end nail polish brand with a full size bottle of 10ml having a price tag of £11, which is pricey as nail polish goes. The shade I was sent was a beautiful pinkish red called St. James. As always the quality of the nails inc polish is perfect and it drys nice and quickly. I have no complaints :D

This next product is something I haven't ever received in a Glossybox before, a hair product. This is the TRESemme Salon finish extra hold hairspray. This travel sized product is going to be so perfect to take with me when I go down to Birmingham to see Beyonce in April as lugging a huge bottle can be a bit of a pain. I love TRESemme products anyway so I was happy to see something of theirs in my box. The hold of this hairspray really is great, more so that any hair spray I have tried recently. Although I have pretty thin hair, it is still getting quite long so it doesn't tend to hold style as well or for as long as it previously has. This hairspray actually works at keeping it in place way longer than any other hairspray has so for that reason I love it!! The full size of this is 500ml and costs £4.69 so is completely affordable!

This next product is Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream skin protectant. It can be used on any areas of dry skin including face, hands, lips, cuticles and nails. This thing is Ah-mazhing!! It is super moisturizing and clears up chapped lips in minutes! It is clear once applied and doesn't leave a sticky residue like some moisturizing lip/skin products do. It soaks into your skin or lips so quickly and leaves your skin seriously smooth. It is flagrance free which it wouldn't have bothered me if it did have a fragrance but I guess this aids towards being good for sensitive skin too. I have had previous experience with similar lip/skin products and they tend to last for so long as a little really does go a long way. I keep this in my bag with me at all times and it is seriously a life saver as no one likes to have uncomfortably dry skin or lips, and with the wonderful weather we are having in the UK at the moment it is definitely coming in very handy. The full size of this is 50ml and costs £25 so it is not cheap. However I do really feel that the quality of this product and how long it lasts that it is worth the money.

Last but not least is Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Blush. This is a lip stain and moisturizer in one with beeswax and ceresin wax meaning that it has a very smooth and sheer finish. When applied it is super smooth and has a really beautiful pigmentation. Although it is described as being sheer I wouldn't really say it was. This may be because the colour I received is quite bright but I would say that it is in between sheer and being really pigmented. The colour I received is a bright red and although I had reservations about this colour, as red coloured lips don't really suit my completion, I was actually quite surprised that it suited me quite well. I do however think it may take me a while to feel confident enough to go out wearing it as I am so used to wearing neutral colours but I have worn it out a few times to see family so I am getting there ;) This is the full size product and costs £12.

As you can see it is slightly sheer (this is only one coat of the product) but still pretty bright! It has a lovely finish due to the moisturizing characteristics.

I was really pleased with this months Glossybox and I love all of the products I received! It made it even better that I got this one free ;)

Are you subscribed to Glossybox or thinking of signing up? What did you receive this month and were you pleased with what you got?

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Megan x

GFC really is going!! :( Please follow me on bloglovin and I will follow back :)

So after doing a bit of research and looking around on various sites for information on whether GFC was closing or not I found an announcement saying that it wouldn't affect blogs on blogger. However after hearing from other people and looking deeper into whether this Google announcement was true, it actually appears that this announcement was an old one from 2012 (can't always trust what you read of the internet hay!)
It appears that GFC will be closing from July I believe, so people will no longer be following or be able to keep up with blogs they have followed via GFC :(
However everyone is now moving over to bloglovin and thank god I had already set up an account over there. I would appreciate it sooo much if you could follow me on bloglovin as it has been such an achievement for me just to get the followers I have and I would hate to lose any :(

You can link up who you are following via GFC on bloglovin and it imports them all automatically from GFC onto your Bloglovin page to make it easier. The link to this importer on bloglovin is here if you need it :) It is soo useful as it meant I didn't have to sit there finding all the blogs I already follow, instead you click a button and they all sink up so you are following them all via bloglovin. Easy peasy!

Anyone who follows me, I will of course follow back, and maybe this is a great way to find more blogs and find some more favourite bloggers :) 

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Anyone is welcome to link their bloglovin down below in the comments and I will be sure to take a look and follow :)

Have a lovely day!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I won another giveaway! Wowahh?!

Hi there!
So again, on a whim, I entered a giveaway a month or so back.
The lovely Rache at her blog Beautiful Rache held this giveaway and I thought it was such a unique giveaway as most people tend to give away make up products or similar things.
The item in the giveaway was a beautiful hand made knitted necklace from the Etsy shop Plexida. Valsiliki from Greece is the owner of the Etsy shop and the knitted items on there are soo beautiful and unique, I just love them so much.
If you won the giveaway you were able to chose a colour of bow to have on your necklace and there is a tonne of beautiful colours to chose from.
I was sooo thrilled to find out I had won the giveaway and Rache was so lovely when she emailed me about it. I was asked to chose the colour I wanted and after having a serious debate with myself on the Etsy shop over which colour I preferred (seriously they are all so pretty it took me a good half an hour to decide!) I chose the light purplish grey colour (that is how it is described on the shop) I thought that it was a really versatile colour as it would go with a span of different colours.

I thought it would be really cool to show you the package that my prize came in as coming from Greece the stamps were so cool! In the UK the stamps are usually kind of boring, as much as I love the Queen I really think these picture stamps are so cute.

I also loved how cutely packaged the prize came in. Crisp brown paper and a cute bow made with blue wool. This really reminds me of how packages were sent in war time England and reminds me of Narnia for some reason? ahahaha?

Now on to the beautiful necklace!
How gorgeous is this?! It looks so well made and the colour is even more beautiful than I expected. I love the dusty nude purple colouring and how I can tell just how good quality the wool used to make it is.

You can see how thick the wool is, so I can imagine it took a good amount of time and a whole lot of effort to make. I always think there is something so unique and beautiful about hand made things that makes them that much more special. 

I decided to crop off my face as I was in the process of getting ready for college and well no one wants to see my lovely blotchy spotty face ;)
I love how the necklace looks on and I think it really adds to any outfit, and the chain is the perfect length. It looks slightly longer than it is in this photo as I am bending forward slightly.

I really cannot express how much I love this necklace and I am so glad that I entered the giveaway. I love how unique this giveaway was and I think that I am going to do a similar style of giveaway if I ever reach 100 followers. I just love the thought of being able to support a business that really needs the money rather than a big money making brand.

I am so thankful to Rache for holding the giveaway and Vasiliki for the beautiful necklace. You should all really go and check out both Raches blog here and Vasiliki's Etsy shop here as you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading :)

Megan x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Glossy Box!

Following on from last months Glossybox in where I was quite disappointed with the content, however this months Glossybox redeemed itself with a box that I think was really great!
The theme this month was of course Valentines with it being February and they had a really cute Valentines themed box. 

As always it was beautifully packaged and this time with a hot pink ribbon.

Recently with their little leaflet describing the products inside the box they have started to include beauty tips and tricks which I think is a really cute extra.

The first product I picked out of the box is the Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream which is basically a Raspberry scented moisturizer. This brand is by a renowned french doctor who doesn't use harsh chemicals or additives so it is great for sensitive skin, something that is perfect for me as I have super sensitive skin. The full size is 50ml and costs £25 and you can find it in Marks and Spencers.
I really like this product, not only does it smell really great it is also super moisturizing and I find a little goes a long way so I can imagine it will last a long time. I have never heard of this brand so it was great to try out something new, one of the perks about being subscribed to Glossybox.

Now I know a lot of people get really mardy (sorry Nottingham lingo in there in case you have no idea what it means mardy = grumpy.) about getting perfume samples but I actually really love getting them. I love to try out new perfumes and I have actually found my all time favourite perfumes by getting a sample. I also think they are really useful to pop in your purse instead of lugging around a whole full size perfume bottle.
Anyway, the perfume sample in February's Glossybox is Narciso Rodriguez for her L'eau. It is described as a cult product among beauty insiders and particularly popular with brides. I can really understand why its popular with brides as it is very sophisticated yet has a sexy, edgy aroma to it. It is super feminine and I absolutely love the scent. The 30ml size is £23, 50ml £46 and the 100ml is £66, so it isn't terribly pricey as perfumes go.
A good tip that Glossybox always adds to the description of the perfumes is that it is better to dab/spray the perfume on your pulse points and avoid rubbing it in. This is because rubbing the perfume can damage the molecular structure of the fragrances composition thus ruining the original scent. So now you know ;P

This next product got me so so soooo excited! I have been wanting to get an illuminator for ages now and was going to purchase the Benefit high beam so when I saw this lying prettily in the box I was thrilled. I have actually not heard of MeMeMe Cosmetics but this is the Beat the Blues skin illuminator. I really love how this product works as it really helps to highlight the places you apply it on your face and has a subtle shimmer to it. It is in the shade Pearl Pink and I absolutely love it! I have no idea how I managed without an illuminator before now. We received the full size in the February box and it costs £5.50 so it is way more affordable than Benefits high beam.

Here's a swatch of the illuminator. When rubbed in it looks completely natural and the shade compliments my skin tone perfectly.

Next I received the Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder. As stated in the leaflet, Micabella's collection is made of 100% natural mica which is a crystal like mineral. Not only is it a beautiful natural translucent shade it also offers SPF15 protection which I haven't ever come across in a blush so that is really unique. The full size is 9g and costs £34.95 so it really is not a cheap blush ha ha. Although I really cannot see myself being one to buy a nearly £35 blush I do think it is a really pretty blush.

Here is a swatch of the blush and as you can see it has a slight orange tint to it so you could also use this as a bronzer if you prefer a more pink blushed cheek.

Excuse my nails they were in need of painting and still have remains of the last polish.
So this was my favourite product out of the whole box purely because I LOVE receiving lip products! It is the Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising lipstick. This is the full size of 3.5g and costs £8 so it is a really great price for such a good lipstick. The formula is creamy and the colour super pigmented so one layer and you are good to go. I'm so glad it came in the colour it did as I love nude and pink colours as bright lips don't really suit my complection. This is the shade Coral and it is a beautiful dark red brown looking pretty natural when applied to your lips.

Here is a swatch of it but the camera picks it up as slightly browner than it looks when applied to your lips. Either way I love it and will definitely be looking into more of this brands lipsticks and shades available.

The little bonus in the February box was this adorable valentines themed heart lollipop. I love the little extras Glossybox throw in from time to time and who doesn't love a heart shaped lollipop?!

Well that was my February Glossybox (although it is now March ooopsies) and over all I was so happy with all the products I received  I really think Glossybox is worth it and although you aren't going to be 100% pleased every month with the box it is still fun trying out all of the products.

If you are subscribed to Glossybox how did you find your February box?

Thanks for reading :)

Megan x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Nail Polish Stash and Storage.

 I have managed to collect over about 6 months a rather good stash of nail polish. I seem to have a slight obsession with buying nail polish whenever I see them, so I have had to avoid the nail section of Boots and Superdrug for a while now as I am meant to be saving for my holiday with my girls in summer (and paying for Beyonce tickets, hotel and train to get there. Yes I said Beyonce!! Wooo I got tickets to go and see her in April in Birmingham, I am soooooo excited!!) so a slight spending ban has had to come into order. Compared to some people I don't have a massive stash of polish but I definitely think it is a pretty decent collection.

For a while I had just been throwing my polishes in a random makeup bag but this was getting way too unorganized and messy. I had the idea to use one of the Glossybox box's to store them in and it has worked perfectly! They are all in once place and I don't have to go rummaging around a bag to find the one I want. I have got to say the Glossybox box's have been really useful for helping store things in my room and I recently sorted all of my makeup into the boxes according to the product. I will have to do a post on that soon as I seem to be going off on a tangent right now ha ha!  


As you can see there is plenty of room to add more to my collection ;)

I also have my Ciate mini polishes in their own original packaging as its a great box for storing them in neatly.

I love the Ciate polishes and I think the caviar pearls look so pretty on. They are slightly expensive but if you are wanting to indulge in some really good quality, luxurious polishes then Ciate are perfect. I did a post on these when I first received them so if you are interested you can find the post here.

Colours are: Caviar pearls; candyshop, prom queen, jubilee, hologram. 

Colours are: 012 knickerbockerglory, 084 pom pom, 078 fit for a queen, 085 sand dune.

If you aren't keen on the Ciate price tag but want to try out something similar, I found these micro-beads from amazon that work just the same, but are slightly more fine. I purchased this pack from Amazon for £6.01 and I love the variety of colours. I haven't tried to mix them but I am sure you could create your own bead mixture with these to make your own unique look.

Next are these MUA nail polishes. I didn't actually purchase these polishes myself as I got them free with a deal online at MUA (you can see the post about that here) but I did buy the MUA fur effect nail flock that is also known as the velvet nail. I haven't actually tried this out yet as I only got it recently and I haven't had the chance to sit down and try it out. Once I do I will be sure to make a post about it.
The colours are as followed: Jailbreak, Broken Arrow, Shattered Ice, Fluff and Cuddles, Quiver, Mermaid.

These next three are kind of random polishes that I only have one of the brand. The Seche and Nails inc polishes were ones I actually received in a Glossybox. The Essie polish is quite new so I will probably be adding to my collection of Essie soon and I will have a go at trying out other colours. One thing I don't really like about Essie is the brush. I find it to be really thick and big so I find I can't be very precise with it. It might take some getting used to so apart from that I really like Essie and the brands range of shades.
Colours: Rendezvous, Mint Candy Apple, Notting hill gate. The nails inc polish is actually a very bright florescent pink but it seems to be picked up by the camera as more of a soft pink.

I had been wanting to get some OPI polish for a while but I really couldn't justify the price tag plus any postage and packaging from online. Well a few months back I was in TK Max with my mum and I spotted this 3 pack for £15!!! I was so happy to have found them and at such an amazing price for the three of them. I was actually so lucky to have found them as they were the last pack and I really love the colours. I have to say OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brands, they are wonderfully pigmented and dry really well.
Colours are: Suzi takes the wheel, Sea you in Hollywood (my personal favourite, it is a beautiful shimmery blue) and I break for manicures. 

I have three Rimmel polishes and these are probably one of my favourite polishes when relating to brushes. I find the brush is perfect in shape and size and I always get really neatly painted nails when I use a Rimmel polish. I also use Rimmels top and undercoat which is a total care nail treatment. It is my favourite top coat to date and it is super affordable.
Colours are: Clear base and top coat, 500 Caramel Cupcake, 002 Ruby Crush (my go to polish at Christmas)

And next on to my all time favourite nail polish brand and the one in which I own the most of. Barry M is such a good quality nail polish for an amazing price, the brushes are perfect and I always find the pigmentation to be spot on. They have great staying power and are just my all round favourite nail polish brand.
Colours are: 340 Aqua Glitter, 353 Ruby Glitter, 264 Pink Iridescent, 337 Pink Silver Glitter, 244 Hologram.

66 Matt White, 342 Nude, 305 Pink Flamingo, 308 Berry I/C.

341 Cappucino, 293 Grey, 310 Mushroom.

Well that was my Nail Polish stash and how I store it so I hope you enjoyed having a nosy! I am sure once I have saved enough money for my holiday I will be buying yet more nail polishes so I will have to try some different brands and update on here.
Have you tried any of the brands of nail polish I have mentioned on this post? If you have any similar posts about your nail polish stash, storage, favourite polish etc then I would love to have a read so feel free to leave a link in the comments!

Thanks for reading :)

Megan x