Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Glossy Box!

Following on from last months Glossybox in where I was quite disappointed with the content, however this months Glossybox redeemed itself with a box that I think was really great!
The theme this month was of course Valentines with it being February and they had a really cute Valentines themed box. 

As always it was beautifully packaged and this time with a hot pink ribbon.

Recently with their little leaflet describing the products inside the box they have started to include beauty tips and tricks which I think is a really cute extra.

The first product I picked out of the box is the Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream which is basically a Raspberry scented moisturizer. This brand is by a renowned french doctor who doesn't use harsh chemicals or additives so it is great for sensitive skin, something that is perfect for me as I have super sensitive skin. The full size is 50ml and costs £25 and you can find it in Marks and Spencers.
I really like this product, not only does it smell really great it is also super moisturizing and I find a little goes a long way so I can imagine it will last a long time. I have never heard of this brand so it was great to try out something new, one of the perks about being subscribed to Glossybox.

Now I know a lot of people get really mardy (sorry Nottingham lingo in there in case you have no idea what it means mardy = grumpy.) about getting perfume samples but I actually really love getting them. I love to try out new perfumes and I have actually found my all time favourite perfumes by getting a sample. I also think they are really useful to pop in your purse instead of lugging around a whole full size perfume bottle.
Anyway, the perfume sample in February's Glossybox is Narciso Rodriguez for her L'eau. It is described as a cult product among beauty insiders and particularly popular with brides. I can really understand why its popular with brides as it is very sophisticated yet has a sexy, edgy aroma to it. It is super feminine and I absolutely love the scent. The 30ml size is £23, 50ml £46 and the 100ml is £66, so it isn't terribly pricey as perfumes go.
A good tip that Glossybox always adds to the description of the perfumes is that it is better to dab/spray the perfume on your pulse points and avoid rubbing it in. This is because rubbing the perfume can damage the molecular structure of the fragrances composition thus ruining the original scent. So now you know ;P

This next product got me so so soooo excited! I have been wanting to get an illuminator for ages now and was going to purchase the Benefit high beam so when I saw this lying prettily in the box I was thrilled. I have actually not heard of MeMeMe Cosmetics but this is the Beat the Blues skin illuminator. I really love how this product works as it really helps to highlight the places you apply it on your face and has a subtle shimmer to it. It is in the shade Pearl Pink and I absolutely love it! I have no idea how I managed without an illuminator before now. We received the full size in the February box and it costs £5.50 so it is way more affordable than Benefits high beam.

Here's a swatch of the illuminator. When rubbed in it looks completely natural and the shade compliments my skin tone perfectly.

Next I received the Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder. As stated in the leaflet, Micabella's collection is made of 100% natural mica which is a crystal like mineral. Not only is it a beautiful natural translucent shade it also offers SPF15 protection which I haven't ever come across in a blush so that is really unique. The full size is 9g and costs £34.95 so it really is not a cheap blush ha ha. Although I really cannot see myself being one to buy a nearly £35 blush I do think it is a really pretty blush.

Here is a swatch of the blush and as you can see it has a slight orange tint to it so you could also use this as a bronzer if you prefer a more pink blushed cheek.

Excuse my nails they were in need of painting and still have remains of the last polish.
So this was my favourite product out of the whole box purely because I LOVE receiving lip products! It is the Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising lipstick. This is the full size of 3.5g and costs £8 so it is a really great price for such a good lipstick. The formula is creamy and the colour super pigmented so one layer and you are good to go. I'm so glad it came in the colour it did as I love nude and pink colours as bright lips don't really suit my complection. This is the shade Coral and it is a beautiful dark red brown looking pretty natural when applied to your lips.

Here is a swatch of it but the camera picks it up as slightly browner than it looks when applied to your lips. Either way I love it and will definitely be looking into more of this brands lipsticks and shades available.

The little bonus in the February box was this adorable valentines themed heart lollipop. I love the little extras Glossybox throw in from time to time and who doesn't love a heart shaped lollipop?!

Well that was my February Glossybox (although it is now March ooopsies) and over all I was so happy with all the products I received  I really think Glossybox is worth it and although you aren't going to be 100% pleased every month with the box it is still fun trying out all of the products.

If you are subscribed to Glossybox how did you find your February box?

Thanks for reading :)

Megan x


  1. I heard the Dr Renaud cream smells lovely too. I wish I got that in my glossybox instead of that weird body oil I got. You're lucky to get to try this, super moisturing cream sounds great especially the full size is at £25 for 50ml!

    Good to hear you are happy with all the products you received, I hope this month's box is going to better than the Feb box I received x

    1. Yeah It does smell really lovely!!
      I think that's sometimes how it is with Glossybox, I saw loads of people who loved their January box but I was really disappointed with mine. It is kind of a gamble from month to month but I have found I have been happy with my box more than I have been dissatisfied with it!
      Thank you and I hope you're March box is better for you than your February one :)