Monday, 22 April 2013

April Haul!

As my posting is going to be pretty minimal over this exam period I thought I would do a quick little haul of some things I bought over the past week. I really feel like I am neglecting my blog a little but at the moment exams really do take priority and any free time I get I tend to spend it with my friends and family.I will do my best to post as often as I can and I should have my Glossybox review up in the next few days! Ohh the joys of A levels and the joys of Uni to come ;) Anyway on to my purchases...

I really wanted a long top that would cover my butt when wearing leggings and after seeing this beauty in H&M for £7.99 I had to buy it. I am going off to Birmingham on Friday to see Beyonce with my friends and I was in need of a comfy top that I could travel in. Seen as though leggings are so comfy I thought I could pair this with some leggings and my chelsea boots so that it would look like I had made an effort but would also be comfy to wear on the train down and when walking around the city! I love the low cut arms as it doesn't feel restricting and the length is really perfect. I think this would look great with a belt around the waist to dress it up as well!

Here's a closer look at the pattern.

Another item on my list of NEED to buy was an outfit (preferably a dress) for the Beyonce concert. I saw this black dress with lace top detail, also in H&M, for £12.99 and couldn't pass it up. It's cinched at the waist and is a thin breathable material. I think it is going to come in really handy over spring and summer as black goes with pretty much everything. It's a simply design of dress and in my opinion timeless. I can see myself getting a good use out of this over the next few months, not to mention it is super comfy to wear.

That was it for clothing purchases so on to the makeup!!
I have been in need of a new foundation for ages as I was making do with a BB cream I received in a Glossybox for a few weeks and although I liked it, I felt I needed more coverage. I love Rimmel as a make up brand and had seen some good reviews of the Match Perfection Foundation so I decided to pick it up. I got this in the lightest colour I could find which is 100 Ivory and although I really like this foundation as the coverage is perfect and not too cakey, even the lightest shade available is too dark :( Having extremely pale skin is really annoying sometimes  most of the time arghhhh! If anyone knows of any good foundations that have lighter shades available I would love to know about them as I am really stuck at the moment.
The price of this foundation is £6.99 and I picked it up from boots.

I apologize for the mascara being kind of dirty but it had been swimming around with all of my make up for a while ahahah! After sooooo many people raving about this mascara I couldn't resist trying it out to see if the hype is justified. I have to say this mascara is really good and I love the brush, but it made my eyelashes look like all other mascaras do. As my eye lashes are quite close together I don't really have a problem with volume so it didn't really do anything new for my lashes. HOWEVER if you are after more volume I think this mascara would work for you. I should have guessed by the volume express on the bottle that it would be aimed at adding volume ;) I don't find that it clumps which is a good aspect of this product as a lot of the time volume mascaras can make your lashes clumpy, well they do to mine at least. For £5.99 it is also reasonably priced!

Next up is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow. I have been wanting to get this for aaaaaageessss! I have swatched it out a few times in boots and love the colour, consistency and just everything about it. After hearing awesome reviews about it for months now I finally wen't along and got myself one. I don't know what took me so long. I am in love with this eyeshadow as it is perfect for those days that you really don't have time to sit an play with an eyeshadow palette but it still makes it look like you have spent a whole lot of time and effort on your eyes. The pigmentation is wonderful and it has just the right amount of shimmer. I decided to get the colour pink gold and I think its a super pretty neutral pink. Not only is it such a nice colour but it also lasts for ages as a little really does go a long way. I have had it for around 2-3 weeks and it still doesn't look like I have used it much! If you couldn't tell already I LOVEEE this product! I got mine from boots for £4.99.

These are another two products that I have been debating about trying for a few months now and that is the L'Oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash and the Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquer.
These two lip products have fast become my absolute favourite lip products ever!
Firstly the L'Oreal lip stain is such a pretty colour, 102 Romy, and I love how you can put one coat on for a subtle blush of colour or add a few layers to create a deep pigmented lip stain. It feels great on and I love the tear drop applicator which makes it super easy to apply it precisely.
Next is the Rimmel lip lacquer which is an aaamazing product. The consistency is so silky and looks amazingly soft when it is on your lips. I have to say my favourite thing about this lip lacquer is how it is like a lipstick/lipgloss and lip stain all in one. I am also in love with the colour that I got which is 101 Celestial and I have to say this is my fav lip product I have bought to date.
Both lip products are really affordable and I picked them both up in Boots. The L'Oreal lip stain is £7.99 and the Rimmel lip lacquer is £4.99

The tear drop applicator for the L'Oreal lip stain. As you can see the colour is a really pretty light pink with a slight shimmer.

Here it is swatched. It looks darker when on your lips as the natural tint of your lips makes it slightly darker.

Here is the applicator for the Maybelline Lip lacquer  The formulation of the lacquer is super silky and thick as you can see here and I love how the doe foot applicator is very dented at the tip so it picks up enough of the lacquer for you to apply it in one go.

Here is it swatched. I'm in love with the colour that has almost brown undertones that gives it a pretty deep pink shade.

Next I have some jewellery I recently bought with my monthly jewellery allowance I get from work. As I work in Outfit on the jewellery section I get £35 to spend on jewellery each month so I thought I would show you a few of the pieces I got recently.

I love the textured pastel studs on the Right from Dorothy Perkins as they are perfect to pair with literally any outfit, as you can see these were £5. On the left is some pastel pink and gold triangular studs from Topshop, they were £4.

These are probably my favourite earrings at the moment as I am really loving the pastel/spring colours. They are from Dorothy Perkins and cost £10.
Dorothy Perkins have really stepped up their game on the jewellery front and they have brought in some new  and really pretty pieces recently.

This pastel pink necklace is from Topshop and I think it is beautifully delicate and girly. It's really light in weight and I can see myself wearing this a tonne now it's Spring and then into Summer. This cost £12.50.

This necklace is another Dorothy Perkins purchase and again with the pastel theme ha ha! You can probably tell by now I am loving the pastel/spring colours trend!! I love this statement necklace and think the range of the colours can be paired really well with other pieces of pastel coloured jewellery I own and the pastel earrings above. The photo makes the necklace look darker in colour than it actually is and the top plate that looks beige is actually gold like the chain! This necklace costs £15.

I hope you enjoyed having a little look at some things I bought recently and if you have anything I have mentioned I would love to know what you think of it! I love reading/watching hauls so if you have recently done one I would love to have a read so send me a link it the comments :D

I hope you are all having/had a wonderful day!
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

A huge thank you to Jenni who
 nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I absolutely love her blog and being the nosy person I am, I love reading about her recent purchases! She is definitely one of my favourite bloggers so I feel so honored she thought of me when nominating people for the award!

Firstly there are a few rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
. Include a link to their blog
3. Select 15 new bloggers you follow regularly
4. Nominate these bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Here are the 7 things about myself...

1) I have a unhealthy obsession with pugs! If you are a close friend of mine you will know how much I love pugs. I could spend hours just sat on Google or YouTube searching pugs. I find them so hilariously cute and can't wait for the day I get one!! If you are interested in what I would call them, I would have a boy called Dexter and a girl called Maggy (Saggy Maggy ahahha) Yeppp I'm kind of weird...

2) My secret (not so secret now) guilty pleasure is the tv programs homes under the hammer and grand designs. Not sure if I am 18 or going on 80 ahahaha!

3) Following on from my elderly choice of tv program I also have an obsession with Candles. I actually once spent £50 just on candles. Yep I have a problem, but hay at least I have a nice smelling house?!

4) My biggest dream is to move to Canada, more specifically either Vancouver or Kelowna. The country has always interested me and some family that live over there. However after visiting Canada in Summer of 2011 I fell even more in love with the place and the way of life there. I will be living there one day!

5) I am going to University in September (hopefully to University of Sussex) to study Law! (if I get the grades!!! Arghhh)

6) I have an slight phobia of touching peoples plates that they have eaten off. I can pick them up if I don't have to touch the food but when it comes to loading the dishwasher and there's the risk of touching the remnants of food, it makes me feel physically sick. Good luck to me when I go off to Uni ;)

7) I also feel sick whenever I smell/taste Bubblegum. I am fine with regular bubblegum in gum form but anything Bubblegum flavoured makes me heave! Urghhh it's just vile!
Ahahahha so those are my not so interesting facts about me!

The people I am going to nominate are people who's blogs I follow regularly and who I believe really do deserve more recognition! I hope that anyone reading this checks them out and enjoys them as much as I do! I hope the people I nominate enjoy reading my post and have fun having a go themselves :) Now onto my nominees!

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