Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New York City 2015

Hello Strangers,

I know I haven't updated in my blog in absolutely forever and its pretty shocking haa!

I have however made a new year resolution to try and get back into blogging so we shall see how it goes. Truthfully I just ran out of time to fit in blogging amongst the thousands of other things I had to do alongside juggling my Law degree with part time work, Rugby, socialising, studying and just everything else that gets in the way of regularly blogging!
The past few years of Uni have been manic, although I adore being at university most of the time, it really isnt a walk in the park of partying and constant socialising whilst being free from the rules of your parents, with maybe like a teeny bit of Uni work and studying right?
Nah ahhh, once second year comes along its a completely different ball game and sadly things like blogging were the first things to go :(
I am now in my third year, with another year after this left of my degree (Law with American Studies is a 4 year degree) and things haven't slowed down and I am sure they will continue to be just as manic for the rest of this year and the next!
However I really want to try to update my blog as much as I can. It might not be regular, it might be completely random but I want to try and keep some free time (which is hard to come by as a Law student) to put into blogging again!

Another thing to do on my list was to compile my footage from our family trip in October to New York and put it into a video. I have FINALLY got around to editing it all together and I am really happy with it, (After waiting 5 hours for the damn thing to upload to YouTube!!!)
I am no expert in filming or editing for that matter so the footage is shockingly shaky and the editing is pretty basic but I love it none the less and I am sure with more practise I can improve.

Nevertheless I have linked the video on here and hope anyway reading this enjoys watching the video :) 
Lets how I don't leave it quite as long in-between blog posts this time ;P

New York City 2015 Video