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Beauty Haul!

Hey thereeee!

 I recently went on a little shopping spree for some beauty items that I had been wanting to buy for a while but had just been putting off spending any more money than I need to. Being a student in Brighton means most of the money you earn (including student loan) goes almost entirely on rent (it is so god damn expensive down south) paying bills, buying groceries and paying for travel. I hate to think how much money I have spent on trains and buses since starting University wahhh sad student life ahaha.
I try to be as frugal as possible these days and have been trying to save up money so I can do some travelling in the summer of my final year so I have only been buying new things when I need something rather than just when I want something. However after doing quite a bit of overtime at work I decided I would treat mah self and pick up some items of make-up I had been wanting to get for a while however didn't necessarily need.

So here is a little haul of what I picked up and what I think about each item as I have had a couple of weeks to properly try everything out! Enjoy :)

I had been wanting to get some more eye shadow pallet's for a while and I had been contemplating buying another Naked pallet or splashing out on another high end pallet. However as I said before I'm trying to save money so I just couldn't bring myself to part with £38 or so pounds so I decided to go on a hunt for some low price dupes of them.
The first pallet I picked up was one from Revolution called Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2.

They are a beautiful set of neutral matte colours and was exactly what I was looking for to use for everyday make-up looks when I want to wear eye shadow but want to keep it quite basic and natural looking. This pallet is perfect and the colour pay off is great once you build them up.
I tried to get swatches however my camera wouldn't pick them up that well she I just gave up sorry aha.

The price point is also fabulous being only £4 for 12 shades!

The other pallet I picked up was the MUA Heaven & Earth. I have had a few MUA eye shadow pallets in the past and really liked them. MUA is super affordable and the products have worked really well I have always found. I found the eye shadows to be really pigmented and this pallet was no different. They are beautiful shimmery neutral colours and can be used to dress up an everyday make-up look or can be used for a more dressed up formal make-up look, so super versatile.
Again this pallet was only £4 so great value for money!

Colours from top left to right: Aurora, Amazonian Bronze, Babylon, Myan Dust, Valley and Golden Sand.
Colours from bottom left to right: Rift, Amber Dune, Catacomb, Tectonite, Canyon, Bedrock

As you can see the shadows are super pigmented and shimmery as you can see from the swatches below.

Something else I got from MUA was their Undress your skin Shimmer Highlighter in Iridescent Gold. This was £3 so super affordable!
Like the MUA pallet, this highlighter is super shimmery and super pigmented so it makes a perfect highlighter for the above the cheekbone and also for highlighting above the eyebrows. I have also used this as an eye shadow so it's a great piece to have in my make-up collection. I absolutely love this highlighter!!

As you can see from this swatch the highlighter is beautifully pigmented and so shimmery, I love it!!

Going along with the theme of the highlighter I also picked up the BarryM Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit. I had been wanting to get myself something like this for a while as the bronzer I had been using was just a bit too shimmery and bronze if that makes any sense.
I can't quite remember how much I paid for it but it is currently £6.49 at Boots so really inexpensive and the kit lasts a long time as I have been using it almost everyday for about 3 weeks now and it hardly looks like I've used it.

The colours are all nice and matte which I really like as it makes the contouring look a lot more natural when on the face and leaves soft definition rather than harsh lines.
The kit also has instructions on the inside lid which is really helpful and shows where each powder should be used.

I work part time at H&M and when they launched their beauty line we were all super excited. We got the first look at the section in our store and I was overwhelmed by the amount of products, I literally could have spent my whole months pay, I wanted all of it!!!
This however caught my eye first as I had been hearing a lot about Micellar Water and people seemed to be raving about it. I used to use make-up removing wipes but I was noticing they were drying out my skin and irritating my eyes. After doing a bit of research I found out that many skin experts advise against make up remover wipes and instead say that cleansers are a much better way of removing make-up and more gentler on the skin.
I have to say I am completely sold and I don;t think I will ever go back to the wipes. I have found it much more gentle on my face and eyes and it removes my make-up in one go, no rubbing or having to use multiple cotton pads to get everything off, it is so so effective and I am innn loveeee!
Annnnddd another plus of this product is that it is only £3.99!!! Amazing.

Continuing on my H&M purchases I also picked up 4 of our nail polishes. First of all I am in love with the packaging, I just love the rounded edges and I think the white top shows off the polish colours really nicely.
The quality of the nail polishes is great and you can get away with only one coat in the darker colours. Although the lighter colours may need two coats, the polish dries quickly so it really isn't much of a hassle. With a price point of only £3.99 it is hard to say no.
There are sooo many beautiful colours to chose from and I find myself longing after a new one each time I go in to work.

The first colour I picked up is this beautiful pearlescent pink which is a perfect colour for spring and moving into the summer. It's a colour that goes with most outfits and it's really feminine and soft.
The shade is called Austin Rose.

The second polish is a pastel purple colour. It's showing up a lot more blue toned on camera however in person it is a much more soft light pastel colour. This is a perfect spring tone!
This one is called Lavender Lullaby.

The next one is this chalky teal polish. It is a beautiful blue with grey tones to it that almost give it a chalky colour. I absolutely love this one and it was the first one I picked up. It is the most pigmented on the four I bought and it only needs one coat.
This one is aptly called The Real Teal.

The final polish I grabbed was this amazing clear glitter polish with pastel sequins and flecks in it! The colours of the sequins are all pastel and include orange, purple, yellow, green, blue and silver glitter. The sequins are super chunky which I love as it makes applying really easy and it looks great on over the top of plain nail polish. I don't think I've ever had a polish that looks like this so it is super unique.
This one is called Bonheur.

Okay so this next item was actually a gift from my Grandparents but I thought I would include it in this haul anyway. It is the Benefit They're Real mascara.
I was literally heard sooo much about this product, people seem to be absolutely head over heals for this mascara so I was super excited to have been gifted it!
I'm not one of those people that is constantly on the look out for new mascaras that supposedly do amazing things to amplify lashes or add volume etc. To be truthful I actually use the super cheap colour trend mascara that get from Avon and have been using it for years. It is only around £2 and is often on offer, and to be truthful it is the best mascara I have used.
Despite that I do really like this benefit mascara, it did make my eyelashes look super volumized and long however only slightly compared to my normal cheap Avon one.
I am pretty lucky in that I have curly eyelashes that are reasonably long and pretty fanned out so I find that these types of mascaras just all look the same on my eyelashes as I'm not really in need of anything in particular like volumization that some people might be after. I'm sure for people who want to add volume or length etc then this mascara would be amazing but in truth for me (and believe me I am very thankful for my lashes and I don't take them for granted) there is only a slight difference between this and my cheapo Avon one, although the benefit one does add a teeeny bit more length. So all in all this mascara is really great but with a price point of nearly £20 I think I'll just be sticking with my £2 Avon one in the future!

View of my lashes with the mascara one looking down. (Also eye shadows used are from the Revolution pallet mentioned at the top)

As you can see there is a lot of length however this is pretty much how my eyelashes always look, maybe a teeensy bit shorter. However I did actually find my lashes were sticking to each other a bit more with the benefit mascara than when I use my usual Avon one so Avon has the upper hand on that.

And finally the last product I purchased was a MAC Lipstick. This is my second ever MAC lipstick and I loveee them. I would have draws full of MAC products if only I wasn't a poor student and could afford them :(
I love the consistency, texture, pigmentation and well just everything about MAC lipsticks and I do really believe they are one of the best lipsticks out there. With a price point of £15.50 they wont break the bank but they are on the slightly pricier side compared to drug store lipsticks.

I chose the shade Craving which is one of the Amplified Creme lipsticks. It is super buttery and soft and doesn't dry out your lips so I really love that aspect of this lipstick.

As you can see it is a lovely light plum colour, is vibrant yet doesn't look too bold on your lips, it is a perfect mixture between the two.

As you can see it is really silky and the pigmentation is great!

It leaves a great shine on the lips and I just love the way it looks on and how it goes with my complexion.

A super beautiful lipstick!

Well that is everything, I hope you enjoyed this little haul and that I may have answered some questions if anyone was contemplating buying any one of these products.
Let me know in the comments bellow if you have tried any of the products and what you thought about them. I would also love to hear some suggestions of beauty items you think are must haves or anything you think I need to try out!

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