About me...

Hey, I am Megan otherwise known to friends and family as Moo, Meggey, Meggiemoo, Megsie, Lou, LouLou and so on.
I am a 21 year old Law Student, part time blogger and candle obsessor!
I am currently Studying Law with American Studies at the University of Sussex!
I have always been a reader of blogs and until recently I never came over the idea of actually having one for myself. I have always loved to document things be that with pictures, writing things down, mementos but I thought by writing a blog I could have a place where I can look back and see all of the things that I have documented!
I always wonder what I will think when looking back in 10 years time to where I am at the moment in life and writing a blog seems like a perfect way to remind my future self of all the wonderful and sometimes daunting decisions and experiences of my life as I become and adult (well kind of!)

A time line of my life so far...

My parents at their wedding. Although they are no longer together I still think its important to document the times they were happy together!
My beautiful mother in the days before me.

I have always found this photo of me hilarious! 
My Grandma who means so much to me. Along with my Grandpa they are both the most supportive grandparents one could ever ask for!
First day of school
My first best friend Sian who is still one of my best friends till this day!
The ballet days <3
Then the brother came along!

My perfectly crazy and loving family. I am truly blessed!

The best group of girls I could ask for as friends. I would be lost without them by my side, I feel so lucky!
Amazing experiences spent with them. Leeds Festival 2012!
The most treasured experience. Canada summer of 2011, such an amazing trip that I am so grateful I had the privilege to go on. Myself, the brother Alex, Mother and Step-Father!

To be updated... a lotttt has happened over the past 3 years since starting uni!

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